Inserting *line_break into a choice?

So I’m like 90% I’ve seen this done before but now I’m not sure. Is it possible to insert a *line_break inside of a choice? Because I tried it and it errored me, I believe it’s because I put it on the next line down but it said it should be another choice all together which I get because it lines up with the # but if I put it on the left won’t it fall out of the choice? I guess I’m wondering is it possible, if so how? Sorry if this has been covered before but I didn’t see this exact problem mentioned.

How exactly do you mean?
to have it appear like this:

o This
o This is another


Add [n/] in the middle of a single line, and ChoiceScript will display it as if it were two lines with a *line_break between them.

Or at least, it does when I test with CSIDE. Test it in your own ChoiceScript installation?


This did it thank you