INFAMOUS IF (BAND WIP) CHAP 2. P1 OUT (178k words)

It’s mental and emotional terrorism if you’re still in love with Seven… at least in my book.


I think this is the attitude my G-mancer will have to have, but without getting thrown out of the competition, since being thrown out will end her ability to be anywhere near G.

True, which is why my MCs chose to bus with Blake. But the eye-fucking on stage happens regardless and is an intentional thing to be in the MC’s face.

Just my opinion, but the changes show more of what happened, as well as a glimpse into Seven’s reasoning. I think the changes are there to justify Seven’s behavior to an extent, to be honest. I think we need to accept the fact that our MC will be the villain in the whole thing and, despite Seven’s mental instability, we’re supposed to see that they were “right” in their feelings, if not their extreme reaction.

I think it’s only the initial period after the “breakup” that Seven was doing this. After they joined Soft Violence, they just detached from the MC and embraced the hate, because they had people that were on their side completely and would stand by them. I don’t think it was until the show that Seven had any interaction at all with the MC, or even spoke their name aloud.


I, again, had none of this happen to me. Did you try sliding into their DMs or something? :thinking:

I mean, this is hardly on Seven if this is the case.

Though I have to say I’m loving the fact that everybody who wants to get it with Seven is apparently getting kicked in the teeth, while my MC is just sitting over here scribbling on their notebook and sipping their cocoa while trying to decide if his first run is to convince Blake they had no hand in the cheating or to throw a roadblock into G’s self-destruct ride so he can throuple G/V. :smile:

Is it? I completely missed that part, so I guess that’s just another thing Seven sucks at. :laughing:


:rofl: It’s during SV’s performance, when Seven is singing right into Avina’s eyes and Avina is melting from it. :face_vomiting:


No, no, I know which part you’re referring to, I just totally missed the part where it was supposed to provoke any reaction from me other than “aw, I’m glad they found each other”. :laughing:


They could also be genuinely just focusing on their closest person in the band as opposed to everything being explicitly about MC and nothing but MC.


Even when my MCs are just ex-bffs with Seven, they don’t like Avina. It may be one of those cases where my own dislike of a character bleeds into my MCs, no matter what. Maybe that will change, but I fucking hate Mary Sue asshole whispering mean girl characters.

It probably will change as my MCs develop in my head, at least for one of them. I had that happen with other characters in other games, characters I still hate with a passion but my MC likes them. I feel like barfing when I play those MCs, lol.


Avina is more or less using and stoking Seven’s hatred of the mc if you look at it from a certain light all so she can make him hers… blegh crazy chick can have his durian raccoon emotionally constipated ass I’m sticking with August or Orion thank you very much.


Yeah, that was my take from the scene.

I’m not sure I’ve actually even properly MET Avina. I mean, they were at the shoot, but I don’t think we’ve exchanged three words total.

Meanwhile, if you bus with Underground Wastebasket, you get affirmation regarding parental abandonment instead, woooo!* I stumble into all the best routes in (nearly) every game by complete accident. :smile:

*this was the point when I decided I was definitely going down Blake’s route. Yeah, fucker, stand by me, that’s the stufffffff! :heart:


Gentle reminder that avina is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns!


Ooops, my bad. I REALLY haven’t met Avina, have I? XD

Edited. :slight_smile:


Is there a nonbinary version of Mary Sue/Gary Stu? I would make one up, but it’d probably be seen as offensive because I have no lucky being funny and not offending people at the same time…

And I use “mean girl” for guys, too, so… it’s just the vibe, not a gender thing.


Haven’t checked the forum in a while, but it’s good to see some things never change sdfks the seven hate still going strong. My controversial pookie.
Hello y’all, hope everyone’s doing good. Dumb question, but was there an update recently? (since the title remains unchanged I can never tell)



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No update but there have been a few valentines shorts put up on patreon. Also the reason the title doesn’t change on the forums is that Amy doesn’t really come on here much…there are a few reasons why I guess but yeah I try and update when I can if I see something on tumblr or whatever lol


Is it wrong that I really love Blake and how straightforward he is? Like he will straight up tell you he wants to destroy you, antagonises your friends, but will flirt and joke, and even be friendly at times. Seems like he just does as he feels, says what he wants, etc. It’s kinda refreshing for someone like me (and my MCs who always end up a version of myself) who cannot read between lines or social subtleties.


Blake is totally contrived about G so i can’t say i see them as a really straightforward person. In fact, most of their behavior comes across as performance more than anything.


Blake is my favourite RO in Infamous, so it’s everyone else who’s wrong. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure about the G thing, I understood that Blake’s angry at G about something in their shared past and wants to antagonise them, so it felt straightforward to me. Maybe straightforward wasn’t the right word to use.

I think the best way I can describe what I mean is that they seem more honest in how they interact with the MC, no emotional whiplash, as in I’m not guessing what they really mean or how they are actually feeling as I am with other characters, which makes my MC feel less anxious around them.


The thing is, i’m not sure if what Blake is doing is so much straightforward antagonization, and not a bratty attempt to get G’s attention, which they’ve used to have and want again.