Indentation error

I’m having trouble with indentation error

I don’t understand how, but I tinkered with it before but it kept messing up so I left it alone, But now I need to put in a Boolean in it, but if I press enter, or use an indentation (The indentation aren’t even the same) It keeps messing up and giving me the following error

Illegal mixing of spaces and tabs; this line has a space, but there were tabs on line 415

My code looks like this:

			*hide_reuse *selectable_if (Hex > 29) #Pistol with a silencer,  Hex 30
				*set Hex -30
				*set eq1 "Gun with a silencer"

The solution is in the error message. One line is indented with tabs and the other with spaces (even though the whitespace appears the same). Just delete all of the spaces and re-add them either exclusively with tabs or exclusively with spaces.

So I made the mistake of messing up with something like this
and that’s what caused the spaces and tabs, Is there a way to make them not be funky? Because I tried converted all tabs to spaces and that just messed it up even more

Never used that feature, you may want to move this question in the CSIDE thread

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Can’t you just select the relevant portions then SHIFT+TAB and TAB to convert them to tabs?

OR Tab, then SHIFT+TAB, I don’t think the order there matters. But why wouldn’t that convert them over?

I could but 1000’s like of coding got effected, thankfully dashingdon had a back up

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