Immortal Coil WIP

Hi whomever this concerns! In an exhaustive effort to find new and interesting ways to crash and burn I’ve decided to finally try my hand at some interactive fiction. I’ve been an admirer from a distance for a while now (LOVED games like Samurai of Hyuga and Lords of Aswick).

I want to write something that feels like an epic, like you’re on a journey and I want to make you endure relentless excruciating agony! In this game you’ll be subjected to ageless torment in a hell dimension, both narratively and literally considering that reading it you’ll want to slit your wrists and pray for deliverance. Or maybe you might enjoy it, just stay open-minded if that’s not too much to ask. Just think of it as a favor for a friend you don’t remember, or like paying taxes. The title Immortal Coil is inspired by a line in this super old play - written by this obscure guy William Shakespeare - named Hamlet which I think perfectly describes the story, also it’s dramatic and cool sounding. So you’ve been eternally damned in a world of fire and brimstone that is completely foreign to you. You are made to suffer a thousand nights in a tale of resilience, of bravery and of sacrifice. I’m being purposefully vague because spoilers but there’ll be lots of mythology, the characters will be compelling and will inhabit a rich universe and you’ll get lots of awesome choices!!!

I’m a little less than halfway through writing this because of a combination of procrastination and college and part time job and pain and darkness and I can’t breathe and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel and I forgot sleep. So STAY TUNED folks for periodic updates.

I’ll put up the demo as soon as possible. I’m welcome to people pointing out my mistakes, belittling me and in general humiliating me. Thank you so much and you have excellent taste!


Isn’t there a Wip called the mortal coil? I would suggest adjusting your title so no one gets confused :blush:
Seems interesting though and I can’t wait for the demo.

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@RyseAbove @ISubjugateYou looks like that wip is called SOS: the mortal coil so this title might be ok but it could caus confusion xD although the other wip is about an angle and the son of satan xD, aside form that im looking forward to what you bring forth in the world you create :slight_smile: best of luck with your writing and coding :smiley:

if you like you could always ask a mod about the working title to see if it would be ok @ISubjugateYou might be safe doing that and if you run into any problems they could help out a lot :slight_smile:


Oh gosh, you’re right. I kinda scritched my chin when I saw this thread and asked myself “Didn’t that used to have more posts…?”

Anyways, I wish you luck in writing this @ISubjugateYou! May college not hinder you from writing this out 'cause lord knows college has stopped me from posting my idea, haha. :joy:


Sounds like a really interesting idea. An interactive novel in cog that is basically a horror story(?) . Looking forward to a demo or the complete story!

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Thanks a lot guys I’ll see to adjusting the title to something more unique!

Sounds interesting can’t wait for demo

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Can’t wait to show it to you!

I’m interested can’t wait to see your demo :smiley:

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You and me both :grin: