I'm Sorry, But I Think We Should See Other People - ROs You Hate

To be fair. It’s not unbelievable they would be doing both of those things :joy:


Are they pretty? I mean, I was a Jun simp (and still am, a bit), so I hope we can be mutually toxic pretty people together.

They are the author’s favourite :roll_eyes: What do you think?


I believe the author’s said that August is their favourite, if I recall right. Edit: although I’m not sure where I read that, so take with a pinch of salt. I am always a bit unsure when I see people saying it’s clear from the story alone that an author has a favourite, as I don’t relate much to the idea of having an author-favourite.

@vera Seven is an ex-friend/partner rival-to-the-MC type of character with a lot of past co-dependence with the MC; some players dislike them a lot, others obsess over them, you may like them even if they’re not blond :slight_smile:


You’re right. The author mentioned it on her Tumblr. The search function from tumblr is useless, so sadly I can’t find the post where she mentioned it.


Completely unrelated from the previous discussion: I just got done reading your story, it was pretty good. Was planning to do an RO breakdown here like I’d been doing, but I got caught up in other writing stuff on the side and, uh, kinda forgot about it until right this moment.

I can offer this one for free, though: Marky is a bro and I think they’re cool.

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Jun is the dude version, Junko is the girl version. By the way, is Seven that bad because of tumblr asks again? I haven’t seen anything that intolerable in the demo, it’s just him and my MC being dumb bitches (affectionate).

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Seven sure is controversial, and I get why people dislike them, although I would refrain from letting your opinion of them be based on someone else’s. Have a go at the demo and see if you like them or passionately hate them. Something which you should do for every piece of media, imo :+1:
(although, considering the range when it comes to ros from different games, I do have to admit it’s funny to see them portrayed as this unredeemable monster. It feels like that one anime meme on twt where people put three serial killers and then oikawa from haikyuu)

Oh yeah. I absolutely wasn’t arguing with that.


The posts should not be flagged, though. This is exactly a thread for this, and even if it wasn’t, it’s a useful feedback.


Ix-nay what I said a minute ago, I just read it back to myself and realized it sounded awful pushy on my end.

Eh, not as pushy as me waiting for an answer and discovering two comments went poof. That’s pretty damn pushy from whoever did that - I was asking in good faith, unknown flagger! And people have a full right to hate something other people love, I’m not flagging people when they hate Jun.


It’s kind of sad, when this thread which is specifically for ranting about a hated ro that you or someone agree to dislike got flagged for no reason or maybe someone petty because a person dislike the ro that they are obsessively attached to. :frowning_face:


Sadly a lot of discourse online when it comes to fiction and whatnot usually can be summarized with “I like/hate this, so you’re not allowed to dislike/love it.”
I don’t remember it happening quite as often when I was a teenager, but nowadays whenever you post an opinion you have to be ready for someone to hold you at gunpoint over pettiness, which sucks ass.
Some people grow so attached to their faves they don’t understand you’re criticizing the conglomerate of pixels/writing on paper rather than them. Everything is a personal attack and it has become an issue.
Extra hilarious to see flagged comments in a topic made specifically for ranting about characters you dislike.


Go gush over Seven in the ROs everyone hates that you love or something


Like, do I have to refer back to this thing I said a while ago, right now?

Yeah, the original context of this comment was people worrying that this thread was for bullying authors, but in the context of letting people vent about ROs they don’t like without being tagged by the flagging system for it, it still fits.

Particularly Channi’s - I remember very clearly what her comment said, and while yeah, there was an F-bomb in there, it didn’t warrant a flag anymore than some of the other spicier takes that have historically shown up in this thread did.

Or at least, I don’t think it did - the Infamous thread kinda kersploded while I wasn’t looking, and it went from being a couple hundred to over a THOUSAND posts seemingly overnight, so there’s a lot I haven’t read.


I’ve taken a look at the two posts that were flagged. Both of them veered into commentary about the author; one seemed to imply that they thought an author was lying about her favourite character and the other that the author enjoys humiliating players. I think that element was likely the crux of it, though the posts were made about nine hours ago now so there may well be context I’ve missed, and I imagine that it wasn’t the intention of the posters to come across that way. When criticism turns into comments about authors, though, it is different to people expressing dislike of characters. The latter is fine unless it gets wildly out of hand; the former will be much more likely to result in flags being upheld because, intentionally or not, it may fall foul of the “be kind to each other” forum rule.

Slightly unrelated, but I saw the “feedback” word mentioned and wanted to reiterate that if people are interested in giving feedback to authors, or otherwise want their comments to be seen by authors, this thread isn’t really the place for it; authors will likely not be reading a thread called “ROs you hate”. So, review-type critique, or commentary otherwise intended for authors to take in and consider, is better-suited for announcement, development, or discussion threads for the games in question.

Please continue to gripe as desired. (I tried to come up with my own gripe as a joke, but I was pathetically unable to come up with anything worse than “I can’t stand Rory’s taste in sandwiches” or something.)

Another edit: if you feel moderators have made an incorrect decision, please contact the moderator team or staff.


Aha. Okay, I missed the bits about targeting the author.

In that case, no, yeah, those flags were warranted. Hate the characters, not the writers.

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