I'm not sure what the problem is?

I am incredibly new to ChoiceScript, I only started to learn it last night.

The error I’m getting is: startup line 28: Invalid expression at char 15: Expected OPERATOR, was VAR: [true].

My code looks like this:
*label barrell_talk
You have an experienced soldier with you, a common-born man clad head to toe in “carapace” armour, by the name of Barrell, charged with your safety.
“You there! Are the men ready for battle?”
*if serftroops true
“They’re shaky, but I’ve never seen a serf force that ain’t, sire. When we get into battle, we’ll need to use our numbers to smash 'em quickly, otherwise they’ll break.”
*if freeholdertroops true
“Just about, sire, but we don’t ave the numbers to face 'em in open battle. Their leader has an idea to throw the battle in our favour, so I suggest talking to him afore the battle.”
*if menatarms true
"Aye, sire, but we can’t face 'em in open battle, or even skirmish. We’ll need a plan to force 'em to rout, and then we can start the killing. I’d suggest talking to their Captain, he’ll have some experience with this.

Change it to *if (serftroops) *if (freeholdertroops) and *if (menatarms)


If, like me, you prefer to have the words True/False in there for scanning/searching/accessibility purposes, change it to:

*if menatarms = true

I’ve now got “startup line 29: increasing indent not allowed, expected 0 was 1”

You need to go to that line and get rid of the space. Indentation is very important. You should check out the tutorials and wiki as you work. They’re very helpful

Edited to include links:
The wiki is here
The tutorial is here
There’s this too, and you can find lots of other helpful resources on the forum

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