Problem with invalid expression error

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I’m having trouble with… getting the true false statment to work

The error I’m getting is:…
Startup line 19: Invalid expression, couldn’t extract another token.

My code looks like this:
*create name “”
*create surname “”
*create leadership 0
*create strength 0
*create agility 0
*create charm 0
*create rudeness 0
*create wealth 0
*create power 0
*create intelligence 0
*create has_food false
*create has_money false
*create has_clothes false
*create has_tools false.

Am I doing this right my stats screen looks like this:
*temp current_inventory “”

*if (item_amount > 0)
*if (has_money)
*set current_inventory &" money"
*if (has_clothes)
*set current_inventory &" clothes"
*if (has_food)
*set current_inventory &" food"
*if (has_tools)
*set current_inventory &" tools"
*set current_inventory " None."

Current inventory:${current_inventory}.

Can you pinpoint what is line 19 of your file? Also, it might help if you use the code formatting, with ``` before and after your code.

*line 19 is *create has_tools false

none are indented

You have a full stop after false

Im confused whats a stop

It’s not that confusing. Just take the full stop away.

This is a full stop “.”

Whats a full stop

Ok, now I think you’re trolling?

Edit: I just showed you what a full stop was in the post above, but since it looks like you didn’t read that, I guess if you’re american you would call it a period or something.

No I didn’t see your edit until i already posted

Alright, no probs.