I'm having problems with *selectable_if


I set my inventory by using booleans, so basically if you had 5 smoke grenades, I’d do

*set Smoke_grenades_5 true

then if you used one, I’d do

*set Smoke_grenades_5 false
*set Smoke_grenades_4 true

So now I’m at a point where the reader will have used a smoke grenade previously, but as long as he has at least one left, he should be able to choose the option

#Cast a smoke grenade at the assassin

But since I’m using booleans, I tried to use the code

*selectable_if (Smoke_grenades_4) or (Smoke_grenades_3) #Cast a smoke grenade at the assassin

but it came up with the error

line 102: Invalid expression at char 17 expected OPERATOR , was CLOSE_PARENTHESIS [)]

Does anyone know to fix this?


Try this:

*selectable_if ((Smoke_grenades_4) or (Smoke_grenades_3))

I’m honestly not sure if that would work, though!


It worked! Thanks:)


Dude… *ick* too many booleans!

Can I suggest…?

*temp smoke_grenades 5

then when you use one…

*set smoke_grenades -1

then your option should be

*if (smoke_grenades > 0) #Cast etc etc

Much MUCH simpler no?

If you insist on your option then…

*selectable_if ((Smoke_grenades_4) or (Smoke_grenades_3)) #Cast etc etc

you need an extra set of ( ) around the whole clause… but I’m guessing you’re going to have to have

*selectable_if ((((Smoke_grenades_5) or (Smoke_grenades_4)) or ((Smoke_grenades_3) or (Smoke_grenades_2))) or (Smoke_grenades_1)) # Cast etc etc

to make it work with all smoke grenades option…

I proper love ifs ands and brackets me… (just ask @CJW) but seriously… the above code looks like it would be hard to keep on top of!


I agree that it’s too hard, but I couldn’t figure out another way that’d work with an inventory. Temps don’t work with inventories.


then you can use *create. It’s just a variable, and you can use it later if need be. It can make it all more simple.


Can I ask why you’re using a boolean? Why not use a variable with a numeric variable?


Because I’m setting it into an inventory, instead of tracking it by itself like a health stat or something. If there’s a way to set it as a numeric value while simultaneously putting it into an inventory, I’d love to hear it. Plus, half of the stuff you can have in your inventory, you don’t have initially.


I think most variables that are inventory-related deserve to be declared as global since you’re looking to use them repeatedly, either use *create or dump them into mygame.js which is a convenience of its own.

Try setting a numeric variable and put something like this without *stat_chart in the stat txt file.


Grenades remaining: ${grenade} units


The reason I’m using booleans is because half of the stuff that you can have in your inventory, you don’t have initially.


Maybe instead of booleans you can use *ifs. Because you now are declaring 6 different temp variables, and need to update them everytime you make a change. Instead, you could have a variable “smoke_grenades” with the number of grenades you own, and *if (smoke_grenades=5) “you have 5 smoke grenades” etc. To me it’s easier to understand it like this.

Edit: You can then write *selectable_if (smoke_grenades>0). If you have one or more, you can use it. If you don’t have any, you can’t.


@Samuel_H_Young Right. I think it then calls for two variables, one for the item count and the other for whether it’s in there or not… unless someone else has a more efficient workaround to that.

edit (again, lol)


*if (grenade>0)
    Grenade remaining: ${grenade} units

which wouldn’t display if the player doesn’t have any? And it gets rid of an extra boolean


Whereas smokegrenades are a numeric value:


*create smokegrenades 0


*set smokegrenades 5


*set smokegrenades - 1


*if smokegrenades>0
, ${smokegrenades} Smoke Grenades

I’m rusty, but would that idea work into how you have it. I might be able to fix if I knew what your inventory looked like.


This does seem like a better system, but I’ve already coded a significant portion of my book, with the booleans already used in numerous places. I’ll definitely keep this in mind for the future, though.


You know, all this grenade talk reminds me of pineapple for some reason, which makes me hungry…



*if (grenade !=1)
    You have ${grenade} grenades left
*if (grenade =1)
    You have ${grenade} grenade left

Just to make the syntax correct! (you can also tweak the numbers and include (grenade = 0) then have no text if you want to “hide” that there are any grenades in your game)

p.s: FIND and REPLACE is a beautiful thing!


Indeed it is, but notepad++ doesn’t take enters into account and I’m afraid it might mess up the codes’ indents.


What do you mean by enters? Carriage returns (line breaks)?
The standard find and replace won’t mess up your indents.


@CJW Ah okay. I’ll replace the booleans with numeric variables then


I transferred all the inventory item’s codes from booleans to numeric variables but I got this error message

line 51: invalid expression at char 17, expected OPERATOR, was: NUMBER [0]

line 51 is

*if Poisonous_darts 0