Illegal to fall out of choice error

Chapter 1

"Oh my what a beautiful little-

   *goto child

   *goto child

  disable_use #-Baby
   *goto child

*label child

I’m looking at the code and it does have a *goto and a *label so i dont know what the issue is it says the error is on line 69 and line 69 is where it says <#Girl>.

I didn’t input gender yet so I know that’s not the issue.

You are missing the *choice command.

Also the #baby line seems to be not level with the other choices.

Try this.

        *goto child
        *goto child
        *goto child
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Oh crap it been a while since I’ve been on choice script and I forgot thanks😄

Its okay recheck my post I’ve just edited an example of how to code it.

I got one more problem if anyone can help

I was doing *input_text Name and I dont know how to put the answer the player puts in as the name

Your name is $!{name}. Notice the exclamation mark: it’s there to Capitalize First Letter.


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