Illegal mixing of spaces and tabs

I’m not sure what’s wrong, can some one please tell me how to fix the error

when you indent do you double space or just use tab because im pretty sure thats what it means

I use space. I’ve never used tab when I code

Ok the problem is probably with chaotic and evil, did you use the same amount of spaces for both of them.

I see you are using Notepad ++. Try going to settings, on the left column select Language, then on the right column “Tab Settings” check the box that says “Replace by space”. I don’t know if it’ll fix your problem but I think I recall that program converting spaces to tab at some point on my life.

That was part of the problem.

But I found out line 15 had a tab in it, and once I deleted that it was fixed. Thank you everyone for the help

Just wanted to pop in and say: “Tab masterrace!”

It gives more visibility to indentation. Very useful in the long run.


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