If this then that?

In my game, I have a lot of dialog that sets what kind of character you are. For example you are asked if you have a brother or sister. Later in the game there will be a scene including either your bother or sister depending on what you picked…but how do I code for that to make it match up with all the different options?

*if brother
     brother stuff
*if sister
     sister stuff

Thanks but I don’t fully understand how the *if commands work?

It checks certain variables. So like this:

*if stealth = 75
     your stealth is 75/100. 

In Sam’s first example,

*if brother

is the same as writing

*if brother=true

It assumes you created brother as a true/false (or “Boolean”) variable.

*create brother false
*create sister false
*create sib ""

 #Do you have a brother 
  *set  brother true
  *set sib "brother"
  *goto some_place
 #or sister?
  *set sister true
  *set sib "sister"
  *goto some_place

*label some_place
I talked to your ${sib} yesterday.
*goto next_some_place

*label next_some_place
"I hate you!"
*if (brother)
 Go rot in hell!
*if (sister)
 You're so silly when I make you mad.

And to think all this time, I’ve been putting true/false in parenthesis.

It’s not necessary, but it’s also useful because it’s easy to spot.

oh thanks… I think I am getting it…kinda? O.o

I’ve been going in a different direction. I like to assign numerical values to these sorts of variables, because that way you can change the number a bunch of times to reflect different conditions.

So, for example, the game might ask whether you have a brother. If you say yes, then *set brother 1 (from its starting point of 0).

If you later get in a fight with your brother and he now hates you, you can *set brother 2. If he dies, then *set brother 3, and so on. The “brother” variable now can mean 4 different things during the story, rather than just be true/false.

So down the road you might have a scene where someone asks about your brother. If the brother variable is 0, you might answer “what brother?!?” and then *goto the corresponding scene. If it’s 1 you just talk about him. If it’s 2 you say “I freaking hate the guy” and if it’s 3 you say “no, he was smothered to death by Morgana the Kissing Bandit” etc.

“no, he was smothered to death by Morgana the Kissing Bandit” Lol xD

But for things like that, I just create variables like “brother_dead” and then I would use a percentile stat to track our relationship, since that’s more dynamic and accurate than just 1 or 2.

Assigning numerical values to variables is probably the easiest way to code for conditional scenes like the one you seem to be attempting. Like @distracteddad explained, create a variable, and depending on the choice someone makes, assign a value to that variable (for example, *set response 1). When you want that choice to determine which scene a player reaches, you can run a check on that variable and then direct them to the correct scene with a *goto command.

I made a tutorial on the matter, the same principles for the mc can be applied to a brother/sister situation.