If Statement does not hide choice properly despite conditions not met

Hi everyone.

I have a situation ongoing where this if statement below is not met and yet the choice still appears.

Normally, when you use the Investigate Takeshi option, the gosub_scene then turns takeshi_day2 to true, which would cause this if statement to fail.

However, it still shows the option regardless.

I have even gone so far as to purposefully declare the variable of takeshi_day2 to true from the get-go in my startup file, or at the top ahead of the choice. It still shows, regardless.

I am not sure why this if statement is automatically evaluating as true despite not meeting all conditions, can someone help?

    *if (((((day >= 1) and (takeshi)) and (takeshi_done = false)) and (day > 1)) and (takeshi_day2 = false)) #Investigate Takeshi
        *set current_location "the_broken_bottle"
        *gosub_scene takeshi_first_day
        *set takeshi_day2 true
        *goto going_places


I think you need to redo your parens, maybe?
Does this work?

*if ((((day >= 1) and (takeshi = true)) and (day > 1)) and (takeshi_day2 = false)) # Investigate Takeshi

or what about

*if (((day >= 1) and (takeshi = true)) and ((day > 1) and (takeshi_day2 = false)))


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