I Do Not Know How To Fix This Error

I’m having trouble with manually testing my game.

The error I’m getting is: “Uncaught SecurityError: Blocked a frame with origin “null” from accessing a cross-origin frame.”

My code looks like this:

*title Choice of the Guardian

This is my first game, so it may seem choppy. I'm a pretty good storyteller because I imagine everything my characters would do,
so I hope that Choice of the Guardian is as good as I wanted it to be.

*page_break I'm Sure It's Fine!

Long ago, before the time of The Curse and during the time of the Garden of Eden, back
when the world was perfect, dragons roamed and ruled the Earth. There were four main kinds of
dragons; the proud fire dragons with their flaming breath and bright, metallic, iron-hard scales. 
The earth dragons that spat scalding acid and deadly stinging tails, no to mention a vastly 
territorial nature. The wind dragons who glided on the winds, having no wings of their own, and able
to fire balls of pure lightning. And last, but not least in any way, the sea dragons with their immense
size and strength, the biggest of all the dragon kinds, they preferred the water over flying, though
the occasional flight was not out of the ordinary.
When The Curse was inflicted apon Mankind,The dragons at first tried to continue living on the Earth, but
they found that after three thousand years of trying to coexist, their race was dwindling. Mankind hunted them
for sport, took over their homes, and stole their prey. Little by little, they began to realise that there
was no longer a place for them among Mankind. Inherently magical creatures, the dragons, down to the last
dragonette, tore a rift, a portal, between an empty, safe world, and this one. Then, they vanished through

Well, all except four.
A represenative from each tribe, the copper-colored fire, the pearl-scaled wind, the saphire-plated sea and the verdelite earth, each gave up their power to four worthy individuals, one from each corner of the world: modern-era 
Canada, Australia, Peru, and Japan. Each of these people became the first Guardians, gifted with unbreakable bones, 
the power to control their respective elements, and a fantastic healing ability.
But perhaps their greatest ability was to be able to transform into the dragons of old.
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