How will i put a stat that is two words?

How will i put a stat that is compose of two words for example i want a stat like physical capability. Will I just put:

percent physical capability

then in the startup:

create physical capability 50

is this right? or not?

The variable needs to be one word.

Two common practices in programming that involve multi-word variable names are to either separate the words with an underscore, eg “physical_capability”, or to capitalize every word following the first one, eg “physicalCapability”. Personally, I prefer using underscores as it is easier (in my opinion) to read.

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thanks for the help :slight_smile:

If you want your variable to show up in the stats screen as two words follow the instructions there.

You can make the stats screen show anything you like if you don’t want it to be a percentage or an opposed pair. Only things below the stat chart command have to comply to the rules. For example you would have to name the variable it’s self physical_capability in order for it to be accepted. But if you create your stand alone variables above the start chart command you can use.

Physical Capability: ${physical_capability}

To make it appear however you want in the stats menu. It also makes it easy to make it bold or italic. You can also change the stat name at any point without having to mess with the variable using this method.

You can find how to display stats here: (including how to show them as a description of more than one word)

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