How to use the quote feature


Hi there fellow forum members,

This may be a little stupid :blush: , but as the title says, how do I actually use the quote feature that is available on this forum?

Is it something that requires site? Because my voice-over on iPhone doesn’t seem to be able to recognise a quote button (if there is such a thing).

Thanks in advance for your help. :slight_smile:


You have to select the text you want to quote, then a “quote reply” button appears over the selected text.


Ah. Thanks. That works.


Might I ask why you’re using the voice-over feature?


Just to be extra thorough, you can also use [ quote] [ /quote] (remove the spaces of course) tags to put whatever text is in between the tags into a quote block, like so:

Though this way won’t grab the user to quote from, unlike if you do what Imon showed with highlighting and “quote reply”.


@Imon I use voice-over because I’m visually impaired.


the greater-than sign is a simpler way to do just this! put it at the beginning of whatever you’re typing and it will automatically turn it into a quote,

like so.


Real talk, tho.

[quote="username, post:#, topic:#"]insert text here[/quote]


[quote="Packet, post:7, topic:11664"]insert text here[/quote]