How to set side character's gender as a variable?

So this is a somewhat stupid question and probably asked a lot, but one that I get absolutely no help from the wiki tutorials that clearly explain how to go about doing this in terms someone as dense as me can understand. I’d say it’s because my skills diminished after such a long break, but I’ve never been all that bright anyways.

To clarify, what I want to do is find a way to let gender of side character’s be varied like Mecha Ace or in Slammed. I can’t really give a coding example of what to do since I don’t know what I should be doing to make that happen. Ideally, it will be a referable variable later so character appearance can be adjusted or certain sections altered as needed rather than a one-off note. I’m sure someone’s already asked this, though I can’t find it.

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Perhaps this will help you:

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Partially…and also somehow makes thing worse. My brain can follow like 60% of it. I’m pretty sure this looks right, though it’s going to be a while before I can figure this out. This looks like what I’m looking for anyway. Thanks though.

Various ways:

  1. Ask the player what gender a character they are seeing has, then set the gender according to the choice.

  2. Ask the player before the start of the game if they want to set the genders (now or during play) or have them be randomised.

The variable might look like this:

*create a_gender ""
*create a_they ""
*create a_them ""

added that in in edit.
I could give you my code for one character where the player sets the gender (between male and female in that case, but you can add what you like)

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That would be really helpful if you did, thank you.``

*choice is certainly one of them.
      Square face, high cheekbones, thin lips, curly chestnut brown with an undercut... You'd not be surprised if he'd be wearing 'hipster' glasses. At least he's not as gaunt as that one british actor.
      *set rival_gender "male"
      *set rivthey "he"
      *set rivthem "him"
      *set rivtheir "his"
      *set rivtheirs "his"
      *set rivselves "himself"
      *set rival_name "A very obnoxious man"
      *goto hairdresser1
   #...woman is certainly one of them.
      Oval face, high cheekbones, thin lips, curly chestnut brown hair straight out of the 50s. In fact, she looks like she just managed to escape from one of the 'how to be a good housewife' books of that time.
      *set rival_gender "female"
      *set rivthey "she"
      *set rivthem "her"
      *set rivtheir "her"
      *set rivtheirs "hers"
      *set rivselves "herself"
      *set rival_name "A very obnoxious woman"
      *goto hairdresser1

it makes more sense in context, hah, but that’s the gist of it. (also you don’t need to add flavortext like I have here in the choice. that can come later)

you could also add a numeral variable for gender if you are going with more than the binary genders, which can be a right boon when using multireplace.

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