How to post screenshots in comments

So, I keep trying to post screenshots of part of the game in a comment thread with the file upload button and the system keeps saying I can’t embed media in a post. Other people in the forum have posted screenshots, so what am I doing wrong?

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Hi @comradelenin, welcome to the forums.

This will be due to trust levels. Please see the following thread: User Trust Levels - #4 by RETowers.

In short: Post around a bit, and you’ll get extra freedom to do as other members do in due course.


Alternatively, you can host your pictures on image hosting services found on the internet and embed the link to your forum post.

Do note that prolonged inactivity can lower your trust level (although this is the first time I’m seeing someone can get demoted to Basic instead of Member)

Not sure where you got that?

And I don’t see anything in this user’s history indicating that this was the case, but if it ever does happen, please notify us because that’s unusual!! lol