How to make a game look pretty?

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I’m wondering how to make my game look prettier. I’ve seen in some other games in the past that they use different designs, colors, fonts, etc to make their games look nice. Are those just pictures, generally? Or is there some way to actually adjust those things in choicescript?

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Yes, oftentimes it’s graphics (in the chapter headers or stats page for example). you can dive into the css file, too to alter the color of stat bars etc


You might want to take a look here.

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Aside from using images as chapter header or supplemental content, there’s CSS you can edit to alter the look of your game. The file itself located at /web/style.css and can be edited with any text editor program. Here’s a more CSS in-depth course.

In the case of publishing game with modified css, I think you have to contact CoG that you want a modified css file which you will send it alongside your scene text files on the submission form (or maybe through e-mail). Or you can ask @malinryden.


I thought the story was that apart from exceptional circumstances you can’t publish modded CSS files through HG? Fine to use for WIP’s but to my knowledge apart from adding headers to make games prettier, you can’t really change the look of them much as it’d be too much of a pain for them to have to troubleshoot modded CSS files every time something goes wrong. (That was my understanding anyway :slight_smile: )

I’m sure troubleshooting, for HG, is up to the author. CoG simply relays the bug messages via e-mail. But I’m talking with no publishing experience, so take it with a block of salt.

No probs, my info could be out of date. Although HG authors do need to fix their own problems generally, I don’t think they want stuff that could cause unknown conflicts with updates. I’m not on staff though so best option is to check directly with cog I reckon :slight_smile:

For my modded .css, I just sent in a document with which lines I wanted to be changed and to what. That way CoG could do it, and wouldn’t have do doublecheck that I messed anything else up. It was just simple color code substitutions, not a major thing.


It inspired a lot of us to desire the same thing, so thank you!