How to install unsigned app to my phone(edited stats since i want to cheat) Im using Andy Android


Guys i wanted to cheat a bit on life a mobster so i edited the stats on chilhood and i get the unsigned apk error im using Andy android emulator(just my quirk i like using apps in their native enviroment and since i dont have android phone well)


Idk if it’ll work but use the app apk editor it’ll allow you to edit the apk and after y loo u edit all you need to do is Uninstaller the cog app then install the edited apk and you should be good


i tried this but it didnt work i need somehow to force andy anroid to install unsigned app. I have unknown sources allowed but it doesnt work. perhaps i could try to bypass this via signing the app but i dont know how.


To install an unsigned app, you need Lucky Patcher (with busy box I think?) and Xposed framework, and for all that to work, you need Root, which I am not sure if your emulator supports.
Cheatdroid works on the go.
Am I reviving this?


Just send it to me and i will sign it for you and post a link to download it here :slight_smile: