How to give the players health a description rather than a number?


So I’m making a game where I want in the stats it to show the condition the character is in based on their health value.

I have in the startup
*create status “”

and in the stats page

*if Health > 9
*set status “You_are_perfectly_fine”

You are currently ${status}

Any help, I’m pretty new.


I have both the percentage and a description for mine.

In startup, I just have:
*create health 100

And in my stats screen:

	percent Health
*if (health <=100) and (health > 90)
*if (health <=90) and (health > 70)
*if (health <=70) and (health > 50)
*if (health <=50) and (health > 30)
*if (health <=30) and (health > 10)
	Grave Danger
*if health <=10

So as long as you have health set, I don’t think you need an additional variable for status, unless you’re going to show it in multiple places.


Thanks! This is what I needed!