How to code relationship in text?

I was wondering: how can I code relationships as texts in the stats screen? I know it must be something involving if, elseif and all, but as much as I try I can’t make it work! If anyone has any example, that’d be helpful.

This is based on code from Choice of the Dragon - also found in the wiki:

*temp relation_text
*if relation = 0
     *set relation_text "non-existant"
    *goto chart
 *elseif relation = 1
    *set relation_text "acquaintance"
    *goto chart
 *elseif relation = 2
    *set relation_text "friend"
    *goto chart
 *elseif relation = 3
    *set relation_text "friend with benefits"
    *goto chart
 *elseif relation = 4
    *set wound_text "lover"

Here’s a example from my WIP; the *if ashow is something I set up so the relationship stat would not show until that character was introduced.

*if (ashow > 0)
    Alexi thinks
    *if (arlship < 6)
        the only thing stopping him from shooting you in the back is that he doesn't want to waste the bullet.
    *if ((arlship > 5) and (arlship < 9))
        you should think more and talk a whole lot less.
    *if ((arlship > 8) and (arlship < 12))
        he doesn't quite know what to think of you yet.
    *if ((arlship > 11) and (arlship < 15))
        there might just be some profit in keeping you around.
    *if ((arlship > 14) and (arlship < 18))
        he hasn't liked a government employee this much in…well, forever.
    *if (arlship > 17)
        finding you was worth the minor concussion.