How should I playtest my WIP

I have a 170,000 WIP which I am currently debugging. The first 40 percent of the game is relatively bug free but you currently can’t play the game to the end without it crashing before you hit the halfway mark. I’m hoping to have those remaining bugs cleared up in 3 or 4 weeks.

Which brings me to Playtesting. I’ve designed and published a number of games and this stage of the project is really important to me. My intention is to submit this for publication on Choice of Games Hosted Games label.

Should I simply continue updating the game to the original thread I created for the Demo back in March or should I do a closed private playtest?

Should I be giving playtesters a list of questions I want answered or be more free ranging and hands off?

Here’s a link to a demo of the game I’m going to be playtesting.


I think the most common way would be this:

  1. Quicktest and randomtest, then
  2. WiP thread and open beta, then (when feedback has been implemented)
  3. Closed beta through a private pm thread.

You can contact the mods to merge the threads and edit the other’s title to announce the open/closed beta.

Good luck

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Thank you very much for that.

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I’m going to check it out and see what It’s about and can’t wait