How should I code this?

So I basically have a choice where the player chooses between 2 departure times: 1:07PM vs 3:07AM. I want to code it such that the different choices lead to different scenes. However, the next scene doesn’t come immediately after the choice is made. I want to do one where it references a choice the player made earlier and then goes to the appropriate scene. I thought maybe the *if command would be what I need to use but it doesn’t seem to work. Here’s my coding so far:

(insert other code below)
(insert other code below)

And then the code I’m trying to write to go to different scenes is this:


His attention is diverted within the next second.

"HEY, YOU! I see you trying to get in without a ticket!”

Well, that was easier than you expected.

*set var “Departure_Time”
*if (Departure_Time= “3:07AM”)
*goto Step2
*if (Departure_Time= “1:07PM”)
*goto STEP2

I’m currently attempting *if but it doesn’t work. Is there a way to code this? Or should I rearrange my coding so the timing choice leads into the next scene? I’m aware from reading the Wiki that it’s supposed to be for stat checks but is there a way to tweak it to apply it to #choices like this?

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You can do something like this

*temp departure_time 0

    *set departure_time 1 
    *set departure_time 3

Then later in the scene

*if (departure_time = 3)
    *goto_scene 307AM
*elseif (departure_time = 1)
    *goto_scene 107PM

Thank you!


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