How often should you use page_break?

I have been wondering about this for quite a while now. How long should your text be in general before you use a *page_break?

Personally I find frequent *page_break quite annoying when it is done for no reason at all and I also don’t like to keep swiping for longer text screen (unless it is extremely interesting like Lords of Infinity).

Should I strive for moderation in text length per page or should I have both, longer text per page and shorter text per page?

What will provide in your opinion, a better experience and would it differ from platform to platform? (e.g. Smartphones, laptops, tablet etc)

generally 150-250 words (with code) are a good amount before a page_break. but it can be longer if one messes with the flow. but 400 words is pretty much the threshold.

the guidlines say something about having a choice about every 400 words, too, though, again, flow comes first


These should be useful reading to answer the question.


I do a page break at the end of every chapter. If there’s a significant change of scene in the middle of a chapter, I’ll add an extra line and put a centered hash in the middle of that line to signify that break. That’s usually a break in time showing that, while the two scenes are related because of the action in them, there’s a significant period in between the events of each.