How much work did you put into a game?


Hi people! i wanted to ask authors a question, how addicted were you to writting in ChoiceScript? (I currently do 1500 per day)

  • Less than 1000 words per day :slight_smile:
  • More than 1000 words per day o_o
  • More than 3000 words per day O-O
  • More than 5000 words per day (Whaa)

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I don’t really like this poll. I mean, given the days you might not be able to write, just averaging 1000 words a day would be an achievement.

(Mine was about 500; 140k words from mid-June to January 30).


You know, i asked how “addicted” so that means that people almost nonstop (if they can) write in choicescript.


My average is 1k words per day, but it can vary a lot. Some days I only get 0.5k, and the most I’ve done in one day is 7k, if I’m remembering correctly. During the last couple months of the CoG contest, I wrote like 2k per day, which was insane.


The most I ever wrote in one day was 4k! But most of the time it’s more like 500-1000. And sometimes it’s nothing :woman_shrugging: And sometimes I do work on the story that isn’t directly writing it, like outlining.


You have no idea how badly i want to pick one :disappointed_relieved:


This is a tough one. I’m more of a coder than a story writer and I find it difficult to stop myself going over bits of code to improve them and work out better ways to do things. I guess I’m just doing the easier bits (for me) first so my word count is not very high, so far :roll_eyes:


Difficult one, as it depends how busy I am at my job… it can be anything from 1000 to 4000 (that second one is a maximum though, after that I feel I’m going into the burn-zone, and if I stay there for too long I sometimes need to detox for weeks). I think that it is better to really look at monthly max. During May 2016 and 2017 I started Tokyo Wizard and Birth of a Hero, and in each of those months I managed to write half of the final stories (about 40000 words each, over 20 days -I started late-, or about 2000 words a month). Then, I had to detox June for an entire month… so, I guess 2,000 words day x 20 days is my limit!


I agree with most of the others in saying that I can’t really put a number to it. If I’m on a creative binge and the ideas are just coming to me then I could write more than 2k words in day. Normally that leads to me moving on to another story because I burned out all my creative fuels for that one though. If I’m busy then less than 1k. And then there’s those monthly breaks and when life responsibilities come knocking.


What sucks is that the number of hours I have to write doesn’t really equate to the amount of writing I get done, even if I’m well rested and I take breaks every so often. It usually takes me about an hour to write 1k, but I wouldn’t get close to 4k in 4 hours because the longer I write, the more exhausted I get, and the more my creative juices run out. :confused:


I think that, while writing Lawless Ones, I was writing an average of 2000 words a day towards the end… But that wasn’t so much out of addiction, rather necessity to meet the deadline. :yum:


You could’ve just moved the deadline right?


It was an entry for the CoG comp, so… No. :yum:


Well then, what place did you make it to?


The contest results are here.


Cool, with my game i’m making right now, i’d probably place somewhere in the lower middle (I don’t know why i added that lol)


I have frequent bouts of depression that cause all energy and inspiration to leave, but when I can write, it’s generally a good volume. Last time I picked up The Imperial Shadow I hammered out and edited about 2k words in two hours. It helped that I had a clear outline of what I wanted for the scene, and it helps even more that I err on the side of compact prose, otherwise I’d be even further set back by my brain troubles.


I got like 5th place in the competition. :stuck_out_tongue:


Obligatory I Am Not An Author (or IANAN) but I can churn out like 2k words a day maybe? But that was on holiday, and as a teen my responsibilities, such as bills, work, etc. Are super limited.

It also helps that I’m at the beginning of my game where I can say almost anything-- later on I’ll have to make sure I don’t contradict myself

The pro’'s are that over my super long upcoming summer holiday I can finish my game, the cons that I have little experience (unless fiction essays count haha)


I was one of three finalists, following three winners and an honorable mention… So I guess that could be anywhere between 5th and 7th. :blush: