How do you make it so you can see your relationship growing with characters?

I’m having trouble with scripting the characters. Part of the plot of my story is potentially getting friends and family to help them out of the predicament they’re in, and I also want to show their relationships with the RO’s. Is it like

*create (their name)

and then put their name in the stats?

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Yes, * create (Name) [number] in startup, put it in stats; and you can control it from there! If you want to be more detailed w it you could stack * if statements that would say something about the character/PC relationship depending on your relationship progress (or not, but it’s fun if the game is character heavy)


Oo, how would I do that? @Antza

You could stack * if’s right under the relationship bar in stats, so kinda like:
percent CH1_relationship ${CH1}
*if (CH1_relationship <= 20)
you two barely know each other
*elseif ( )
Different text.

You could also do it w events rather than just relationship percent, but then you’d need to create new variables (true/false ones that are created false and the text only shows up when it’s set true).

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*if (relationship <= 10)
  You've never met.
*elseif (relationship <= 35)
  You are acquaintances.
*elseif (relationship <= 65)
  You are friends.
*elseif (relationship <= 90)
  You are best friends.
  There has never once been a tale of such a friendship as yours. Treasure what you have while it lasts, for all good things must come to an end.
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A better way would be the following:

*set rel_verylow_pass = 10
*set rel_low_pass = 30
*set rel_mid_pass = 50
*set rel_high_pass = 75

*if (rel_alia <= rel_verylow_pass)
You’ve never met/you’re bitter rivals.
*elseif (rel_alia <= rel_low_pass)
You are acquaintances.
*elseif (rel_alia <= rel_mid_pass)
You are friends.
*elseif (rel_alia <= rel_high_pass)
You are very good, dare I say, best friends.
Your bond of friendship is so strong, she’ll do anything to help you achieve your vision for the world.

This is more efficient as you can vary the thresholds. I actually learnt this from @HannahPS and this helps with my game too.

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