How do you advance in age?

I want to have the side characters age up alongside the MC, but I don’t know how to go about that. How do I make the age visible in the show stats section as the characters grow? And what do you think of rpg type leveling up in choicescript?

For efficiently ageing up all characters best way imo is to use a ‘year’ variable and subtract the year with birth year when displaying a character’s age, this way you only have to set everything up once and all characters age simultaneously when you add to ‘year’ variable.

Below is a template for this, in this 4927 is the birth year.


*create year 5000

Name: Abc Xyz
Age: ${{year}-4927}

Hey thanks for getting back to me on this. So from your reply i understand how to set it up, but lets say i want two years to pass in the next scene/chapter. How do I do that, do I use *set and subtract?

Never mind. I figured it out. Thanks very much for the assistance. I really helped a lot.

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