How do I play other parts online?


So for a lot of games you can play the first part online and then you have to pay for the other parts in the Apple store etc. So I bought the second and third parts on my iPhone but I’d rather play them online than on my phone. Is there any way I can do this? I tried clicking “restore purchases” but it said no purchases had been made.


If you buy it on Steam or the app store or wherever, you ONLY get it on steam, and ONLY on the app store, and ONLY on the cog website. There’s no system in place to match purchases accross platforms right now, so unfortunately you can’t play the ones you bought on app store on the internet.


If you email Choice of Games with proof of your purchase in the iphone store, they may credit your choice of games store account with the games. You need to ask them though and it’s all done manually so it might take a little time.