How do I know if I should write a Choice game or a novel?

So i wanted to write a really long story and at fisrt i wanted to make a Cyoa game.but then i thought maybe it is better if i just write a normal novel?

I am currently stuck between these to and don’t know what to do.the story is gonna be fantasy and traveling to other world,higher planes and stuff in it so it is gonna be pretty long.

You don’t need to consider all the coding it is gonna have (which my heart aches when i remember it) i just want to know would it be better if i write such a story as a novel or a Cyoa game?

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You’re the only one that can answer that. But try to write the first chapter as a choice game, that way you can see how you like it.

Trying things out before committing is never a bad idea.


There’s plenty of epic, sprawling fantasies in the Choice of Games and Hosted library. Choice of Rebels, the Lost Heir trilogy, the Evertree Saga, The Aegis Saga, and The Soul Stone War to name some. If the question is about whether or not such a story would fit, I don’t think you need to worry. I’m sure your game would be an excellent addition.

However, if this is a worry about scale, based on observation, sheer workload for you could be quite the task specifically in writing all the branching and accounting for how creation can balloon far out of control with these games in general, let alone admittedly massive WiPs. Only you can decide if it’s worth it to you to forge ahead anyways. If there’s any doubts in your mind, I would urge you to do a ton of research regarding what goes into these projects, play as many as you can, really ask yourself if you want to write long, interactive fiction or if you’re looking to create a simpler, non-compromisable tale.

Also, side-note: I moved this discussion to game development - writing & content because the general category is more for when nothing else is suitable and this post basically asks about writing advice.


Do you keep imagining different ways the MC could respond to situations?
Does the thought of having to pick a single option, and just abandon the rest, make you feel kinda disappointed and a little sad?

Those are the things that makes me dismiss the thought, everytime I wonder if I should just write a certain idea as a novel instead.


I think… how about creating a novel then a choice game.

Like in my project proposal in my journalism club, i create a digital presentation and also, I create a hard copy and more detailed document paper. Let say the first one is Choice game and the other one is a novel. I try to think if I should give a proposal in newspaper style or in digital news. So, because I can’t decide which one is for me, I create both of them. Soon, I choose to pass digital presentation than the hard copy. My reason about it is due to our digital Era, we are currently in the world where internet dominates the way of living.

Create a novel, then try to put in Choicescript… then see for yourself.

that’s only my own perspective.

Anyway, at the end of the day… you are the one who will decide about it. :grin:


The question I would pose to you is do you think your story can only play out in one way? When you imagine your story, so you imagine all the different ways it could go and the different paths the protagonist could take, or do you know that there is only one set path for your protagonist and they can’t stray from it? If it’s the former, I’d suggest writing a CoG/HG, so you can explore all the routes your protagonist could take, while still telling the story you want to tell. If it’s the latter I’d recommend a novel, so that you can really focus on making that set path as interesting as possible to read.


Depends on how indecisive you are.
You know how you want the story to go, how every character should be, and how everything should end? Write a novel.

Can’t decide which possible branch you want your story to go? Write all of them!

Write out a list. Why do you want to write a CYOA, why don’t you? Weigh up the pros and cons then decide. It’s impossible to say what you’re better off doing as the choice is a personal one. (Hint- If you have no interest in coding at all and don’t want to do it, maybe you’re better off writing a regular novel. But if you genuinely do want to learn, people will help you.)

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It depends, do you want people to be a great part of your work then make a Game (if you don’t mind all the work)

If you want to tell a story with people’s input then make a novel

It all really depends on how much you want people to be a part of your story

Hope this helps