Highest_relationship triggering incorrectly

So, I’m play-testing my game, as it seems I did not do quite enough before I put it up on the forum, and I am finding that a highest_relationship variable is not triggering correctly.
Right now, I have it set that t_relationship is 10 above, with this format:

*if (highest_relationship ="l_relationship")
	*goto l_extract
*if (highest_relationship ="t_relationship")
	*goto t_extract
*if (highest_relationship ="d_relationship")
	*goto d_extract
*if (highest_relationship ="n_relationship")
	*goto n_extract

Despite the fact that right now T_relationship is 60 and the rest are 50, it’s going to L_extract.

Put ${highest_relationship} just before your *if statements.
This will print out the current value of highest_relationship. I suspect that its value will be l_relationship for whatever reason and that will be why it goes to l_extract.

If that is the case, then also print out the values of each relationship variable to see what those values are - this will confirm if either:

  • l_relationship is in fact the highest and you have an error somewhere causing l_relationship to be higher than you expect or t_relationship to be lower than you expect
  • Your calculation of the highest relationship is wrong
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Seems that I had put a *gosub_scene highest_calc in there. A little confused, but if it works I guess.