Hiding Text

I’m trying to hide things to shorten the amount of repeat text in my game.

I’ve tried these so far…

*if (Combat = 50) [Text here]

But that just displays the text anyways without the command… even if the skill doesn’t match.

Edit: I’m not trying to hide a choice. Just text itself.

From my understanding, you would need to put the text under it.

*if (Combat = 50)
 [Text here]

Make sure to add the indent too. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ll try that.

Do I need to put anything after the text to close it? There’s going to be…

Five potential openings to this scene depending on player profession (four?).

Are you putting a break after the *if, or just continuing directly into the text?

To display properly, the text has to have its own correct indentation.

So it’d be more like

*if (combat=50)
[text here]

Then either you’d continue along that indent until a choice or goto etc., or alternatively you resume at the same indentation as the *if, where the non-conditional text continues.

So you might have

*if (combat = 50)
[Text for good combat]

*elseif (medicine =50)
[Text for good medicine]

[I often have a little bit of text for neither of those being true, but you don’t have to. I’m not sure if the *else is essential at all]

[Narration resumes here the same for both options]

Hope that makes sense!
edit: aw the forum ate my indentation. the [text here] should be indented :sweat_smile:

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I’ll give that a shot too. Let me edit this bit of code and see what happens and I’ll post the section here.

A *goto command helps keep things organized, but if I recall correctly the *if will go to the next available paragraph. Here’s how I would write it:

*if (Combat = 50)
 [Text here]
 *goto nextscene

*label nextscene
[Story continues here]

This is of course assuming you only have one *if variable that you need for the scene.

Finding the location is not hard. You've been there dozens of times over the years both for emergencies and your day to day job of course. 

*if (Engineering >= 50)
*if (Medical >= 50)
*if (Speechcraft >= 50)

What do you think of your job, by the way? 

     *if (Engineering >= 50)
      #I want to create machines. It is not my issue what people do with them outside of this facility. If I don't build them, someone else will anyway and I will simply be out of a job. 
     *if (Engineering >= 50)
      #My engineering talents are wasted here. I could be designing new surgical robots, domestic models, luxury machines that could change the world and not just keep the same people in power over and over again. Nothing will change if I leave though. There's no other companies within a reasonable commute from my home. 
     *if (Medical >= 50)
       #I'm an essential employee at this plant. With the amount of workers that get hurt by moving machinery, much more if any of the robots malfunction, I am right where I need to be; saving lives wherever possible. 
     *if (Medical >= 50)
       #Selling machines of war just means the world needs more people healing the wounded. Like me. Ultimately, while my paycheck does not rely on us being at war, war is good for my own business. Without it, there are more people being hurt... well, more than usual. 
     *if (Speechcraft >= 50)
      #Selling weapons of war is rewarding in its own way. Aside from the paycheck, human soldiers will be better protected with our robots at their side.
        And they will be protected by the best Premier Robotics has to offer. The robots you sell here are not only more durable than a typical soldier, but also generally more accurate, stronger and faster than they are. If they were capable of independent thought, it may be a problem but they are, simply put, not. And you know that part of your sales pitch, every time, has been that a robot will put itself into harm’s way if a human’s life is threatened… one of its own team anyway.  
     #It’s just a job. I go in, I do my job and I go home. 
        So it is. What happens across the ocean is not your problem nor does it affect you directly. What should you care if these robots are sent to exterminate people or sent to provide humanitarian aid to others? It matters little in your day-to-day affairs. 
     *if (Speechcraft >= 50)
       #Selling weapons of war is exciting. Part of me wishes I could see the products we make in action for real instead of just simulations. 
         You relish the thought of these machines, so beautifully crafted and designed both in form and in function, annihilating your country’s enemies in your stead. You aren’t the one pulling the trigger or being shot at, of course. 
     #I wish we produced more domestic models like the Castle eighty. They help people… not hurt people. 
       It is unfortunate the world does not work that way. Though war is rare, there are still despots out that that intend to enforce their will upon others. You do not own the company anyways and your voice is but one in a vast ocean of employees and citizens. From what you understand, the Castle eighty model didn't sell too well compared to other domestic models produced by other companies anyway. Still, you can dream, can't you? Perhaps you'll establish your own company and make your own choices with robots. 


This is what I have at the moment. I'm trying to get it to display based on the profession. All professions work at the same facility (to keep writing minimalized and focus on a liner-esque part of a story). I'm mostly having trouble to get the UNDER CONSTRUCTION parts to display properly. 

The segment has been updated with your guys's suggestion, of course. Mine wasn't working and I haven't tested this one just yet. 

This should work though?

From my understanding of choicescript, that should work. I’m not sure about the *fake_choice with *if combo but it’s worth testing out

Thanks. My internet just tanked so I am having to respond from a phone. How do I test it offline again…?

It worked.

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