Hi Guys, new author here with a couple of questions :)

Okay so I have no idea if I’ve done this right, I’ve used tabs and not spaces, and I tried to follow the directions.

You wake up on the cold stone floor of a cave, the air is damp and you find yourself in an intersection with four exits, you have no idea how you got here, the last thing you remember is going to bed.

Three of the entrances have an eerie light glowing from within their depths, strange voices tickle the very edge of your hearing, when you focus on one of the entrances, the voices become clear.

The fourth entrance is dark and silent, with no glowing light or whispering voice beckoning to you.

What do you do?


#I stand up and take in my surroundings.
Rising to your feet, you reach out to touch the walls, your hand is met by the cold hard 
texture of stone, slick with a fine coat of moisture, the air is cold and you shiver 
involuntarily and you hear the eerie echo of water dripping in the distance.
Is this really a dream? It seems so real.
	#You approach the door to your right, as you get closer the glow within turns a 
	dark purple, you throw up your arms to shield yourself from an unbearable heat 
	that blasts you with the concussive force of an explosion, whipping your hair 
	back from your face and clawing at your clothing.
		“I am the Malcontent! Only those who possess an indomitable fighting spirit, 
		and the resolve to shatter all obstacles that stand in their way, may enter 
		my domain!”
	#You approach the door in front of you, as you get closer the glow inside turns blue, 
	the cave begins to shake, the light from with the entrances give a blinding flash 
	followed by a whiplike CRACK! Followed by the BOOM of terrible thunder, causing the 
	entire cave to give a violent shudder!
		“I am the Wise One! Only those with clarity of vision, and the will to pierce 
		the lies of the world, may enter my domain!”
	#You approach the door to your left, as you get closer the glow within turns a 
	bright green, you feel the warmth of the sun upon your face and the scent of morning
	dew clinging to the grass, a breeze caresses your body carrying with it the fresh 
	scents of summer.
		“I am the Maiden! Only who’s hearts are open, and willing to embrace the lost
		spirits of the world, may enter my domain!”
	#You turn for the door behind you and attempt to flee the cave!
		The chilling beeeeeeeeep of the heart monitor fills your hospital room. 

As a word of advice, if you wish to get someones attention in particular on the forum put @ and their name like so @Araziel that way I’ll know… otherwise if I weren’t coincidentally looking through the forum threads I wouldn’t have caught your question/reply.

As to your question. The #I stand and take… line will cause an error. It needs to be tabbed under a *choice and in this case needs to *goto somewhere. Otherwise you’ll need to indent everything below that one more tab again. Else, which I’m guessing isn’t meant to be there at all and needs to be deleted or *comment (ed)

As for the rest. If they are correctly single tabbed, it’ll work fine. Other than the grammar it’s looking great! Although I’m not quite sure where the connection between the *if discussion comes into play…

Unless you were asking where they’ll go then right above those *finish commands is where your stat changes would go.

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The #I stand… line was meant to be just an exploration option that a player could choose and then make a decision about one of the other options, if you look up it does come under a *choice, but the choice is sitting outside the window and I have no idea how to fix that.

As for grammar I’m not too stressed about that right now, will fix it during proof reading.

As for the ‘*if’ discussion, that’ll be after this scene, the player chooses their door, obtains their starting stats and weapon, and receives their first skill.

I personally can’t scroll any higher than that since nothing more than that was posted. However, any #, must fall under a *choice and must be indented, which that one isn’t. That was my only point there :wink:. If you meant it’s just a placeholder for this discussion then you’re fine.

What’s your exact question, thing that you currently need help with? Or has it been answered already?

Edit: If you want to include the rest, you simply have to make sure to highlight it all, if it’s running off the page you’re highlighting, ctrl c can help you there.


Would you be willing to work with me as a coder of the story while I handle the writing?

I know this is out of left field and that you probably have your own projects, but I’m aware of my own limitations and trying to write a story and learn code would drive me crazy >.<

I believe my story idea is a good one, I plan on it being fairly brief but with plenty of depth of character.

I would love to, but alas, coding is what’s holding me back on my own projects. With so little time on my hands I barely have enough time to code and write my own projects, thus they are in hiatus as I slowly craft them in the shadows.

Though that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t mind lending a hand when possible with advice and and answering questions. From the looks of it you’ve already got the jist of coding CS, just a little bit more details to understand and you’ve pretty much got the art.