Hi Guys, new author here with a couple of questions :)

Yes. You’d need to set it up in the startup.txt file:

*create firebolt false

Then when you get to that point in the story you can put
*if magic >15
____*set firebolt true
____You learn Fire Bolt

And then because that’s now put as ‘true’, anytime later you could have a scene where you can go:

*if (firebolt=true)
____You use the Fire Bolt spell

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Cool! Thanks man :slight_smile:

Are those ‘____’ tabs?

I want to make a story that has a lot of elements taken from anime and part of it is acquiring power & techniques, based on stats.

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Yes, those are meant to be tabs, it just won’t let me use actual tabs!

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If u lads dont mind me joining i wanna learn to code in CoG so do u guys know what should i learn first basics, tips and stuff??

LOL I’m new myself, so I wouldn’t know what to tell ya XD

Are stats limited at 100? or can you go higher?

There’s a couple of things that might be helpful:
This is the official choicescript tutorial
This is a helpful one on setting up names and genders for characters
And the choicescript wiki (http://choicescriptdev.wikia.com/wiki/Index) is good because it has details on pretty much all the functions.


@Araziel Percents are limited to 100. You can however go past 100, but you’ll be looking at a stat bar that stretches past the screen and very much not pretty. Thus gosub stat limits come into being, along with fairmath. Numbers and such, which are also stats, are not limited to 100, however negatives become the main problem.

Scribblesome has you covered on the tutorials. If you’re looking for anything else, simply click the magnify class in the top right corner and search your question. If you still can’t find an answer than feel free to ask it again as you’ve done already. Although chances are your question has already been asked.

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Thanks Arcania :slight_smile:

As far as stats go I was looking at no more than 4 digit numbers, would that work?

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Love u bro i really wanna learn and i know i cant write so i either learn to write or code a iteractive novel lol

@Araziel Sorry for the late reply. In what way do you mean by 4 digit numbered stats? Numbers in general can get as long as you want them. However, when you say percent, think of it as the bar that it is. 100 marks its max, any higher/lower than 0 for that matter, and you’re entering a realm far beyond our understanding.

Though to properly get what you’re looking/asking for I’ll need a better picture.

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Well I’m thinking of examples like

Strength: 1,000

Though I am considering a vague letter based system

Strength: SSS

You can do either. In fact that letter system may be on the borders of ingenious simplicity.

  text Strength  (SSS)


  text Strength (1,000) 


  percent (100)

The parenthesis aren’t included when you’re coding just to note. As for these codes, that’s how they would look in your stat page. You would create them how you want them to show up.

*create strength “”
*set strength “SSS”

You would probably have to make a numerical chart to keep track of those letters. How many points till it “upgrades”

else you would simply need to…

*create strength 0

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-You would probably have to make a numerical chart to keep track of those
letters. How many points till it “upgrades”-

How would I do this?

*gosub chart
*comment The gosub command goes after the stat changes.

*if (points >= 100) 
  *set strength "A" 
*if (points >=500
  *set strength "S"
*if (points >=1000
  *set strength "SSS"

*comment Assuming strength is created like so to ensure its a text.

*create strength ""
*comment the below would be how you would code it in choicescript stats
  text strength 

Something along those lines.

Note the numerical part would be the “points” noting how many of whatever you’re using, in order to track the amount needed to “upgrade rank”.

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This is based on my original question, can I set a skill to unlock at a
specific stat value?

That would be the point of the *if commands… and the >,<,=
for specific stats.

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I was meaning as more of a passive unlock, one that simply gives it to you
when you reach the level in the stat needed.

Yes, that’s what I’ve explained.

Though if you’re specifically wanting it to passive unlock… simply put all that information into your choicescript_Stat page…

Then put
*From earlier: *gosub (whatever_you_name_the_section_with_this_code)

It’ll automatically check whenever the player checks their stats (passive).

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I downloaded the stuff for making the game, but this file is missing: ‘startup.txt’

EDIT: Found it XD

Okay so I have no idea if I’ve done this right, I’ve used tabs and not spaces, and I tried to follow the directions.

You wake up on the cold stone floor of a cave, the air is damp and you find yourself in an intersection with four exits, you have no idea how you got here, the last thing you remember is going to bed.

Three of the entrances have an eerie light glowing from within their depths, strange voices tickle the very edge of your hearing, when you focus on one of the entrances, the voices become clear.

The fourth entrance is dark and silent, with no glowing light or whispering voice beckoning to you.

What do you do?


#I stand up and take in my surroundings.
Rising to your feet, you reach out to touch the walls, your hand is met by the cold hard 
texture of stone, slick with a fine coat of moisture, the air is cold and you shiver 
involuntarily and you hear the eerie echo of water dripping in the distance.
Is this really a dream? It seems so real.
	#You approach the door to your right, as you get closer the glow within turns a 
	dark purple, you throw up your arms to shield yourself from an unbearable heat 
	that blasts you with the concussive force of an explosion, whipping your hair 
	back from your face and clawing at your clothing.
		“I am the Malcontent! Only those who possess an indomitable fighting spirit, 
		and the resolve to shatter all obstacles that stand in their way, may enter 
		my domain!”
	#You approach the door in front of you, as you get closer the glow inside turns blue, 
	the cave begins to shake, the light from with the entrances give a blinding flash 
	followed by a whiplike CRACK! Followed by the BOOM of terrible thunder, causing the 
	entire cave to give a violent shudder!
		“I am the Wise One! Only those with clarity of vision, and the will to pierce 
		the lies of the world, may enter my domain!”
	#You approach the door to your left, as you get closer the glow within turns a 
	bright green, you feel the warmth of the sun upon your face and the scent of morning
	dew clinging to the grass, a breeze caresses your body carrying with it the fresh 
	scents of summer.
		“I am the Maiden! Only who’s hearts are open, and willing to embrace the lost
		spirits of the world, may enter my domain!”
	#You turn for the door behind you and attempt to flee the cave!
		The chilling beeeeeeeeep of the heart monitor fills your hospital room.