Hero Not Hero: Adventures of a Furniture Controller (Looking For Testers in Private Beta [May 3, 2020])

This work is also a collaborative effort with @QueenofRants and @PicaresquePotato.

So, when we’re not procrastinating, we’re working on a superpower game tentatively entitled Hero Not Hero. In it, you play a college student hoping to hone their superpowers in a special university in another planet. Unfortunately, while your peers have powers like fluid manipulation and teleportation to other dimensions, you have the unreliable power to control furniture.

Features (Planned)
  • Detailed MC customization, including neurodivergency, wheelchair use, and diabetes
  • Developed NPCs with their own personalities and goals
  • A university filled with secrets, conspiracies, and a tentacled librarian
  • A mysterious planet-wide villainous plot to either foil or join.
  • All the college shenanigans one could possibly ask for.
  • 6 ROs: 2 male NPCs, 2 female NPCs, 2 nonbinary NPCs
    • Corollary: some ROs are locked to specific genders
    • Polyamory is possible
  • Bubbles (Male) : a cheerful college student who is the soul of naivete. Heir to the most prestigious and the only superhero organization on the planet. Has the power of fluid manipulation in the form of bubbles and antibubbles

  • T-RO (Nonbinary-Agender) : a rebellious robot with a penchant for the dramatic. Has no innate superpowers, but makes up for it with drill hands, roller blades, and the hacking ability to transfer their personality into gadgets

  • Lazerteeth (Female) : a proud dentist who dedicated her life to the search for knowledge. Mad scientist tendencies. Has laser teeth, as per her name, and a variety of enchanted floss, pliers, and toothpaste guns.

  • Sparkles (Nonbinary-Genderfluid) : a friendly fashion designer with a dark side and the ability to summon unicorns. Has control over a pocket dimension of killer unicorns, glitter bombs, and an array of sewing needles.

  • Coffeemaker (Female) : a paranoid barista prone to the extremes of stoicism and emotion. Has the ability to cause intense hyperactivity. Takes to carrying around coffee guns and caffeine powder.

  • Doctor Von Appetit (Male) : a restauranteur with a tendency to perfectionism and intense generosity. Has the ability to induce stomach flu and carries poison with him at all times.

  • Gelato (Female) : a cheerful working student with a streak of cynicism. Has a well-developed sense of dark humor. Can manipulate ice, but prefers to use the power to sell ice cream on campus grounds without having to pay taxes.

  • Refractor (Male): an honors student with an anxiety problem. Has powers related to mirrors and illusions, including the ability to travel through mirrors. Lurks in the cutlery drawer.

  • Fanta (Female) : a ghost girl with smoke manipulation powers. Can and does blind people. Executed for witchcraft, and carries a pessimistic attitude as a result.

  • Nano (Male) : a sheltered upper-class student with the bravery of a cinnamon roll. Makes electronics explode, intentionally or unintentionally. Former student at prestigious preparatory school focusing on robotics.

  • Harmonica (Nonbinary – Female-Presenting) : a Euterpean, a race of aliens with culture revolving around wind and music. Newcomer to the planet and still in culture shock, uses sarcasm to deflect awkward questions.

  • WiFi (Nonbinary) : literal embodiment of the Internet connection. Has a love of conspiracy theories both proven and unproven. Knows your browser history.

RO List
  • Refractor: all MCs regardless of gender
  • Fanta: all MCs regardless of gender
  • T-RO: all MCs regardless of gender
  • Sparkles: all MCs regardless of gender
  • Nano: NB and male MCs
  • Lazerteeth: NB and female MCs

We’re currently running a private beta. The link that used to be here is now outdated.

If this interests you and you’re interested in beta testing and giving feedback on the rest of the written chapters, we’d be happy to have you. :smile: Please post saying you want to beta test or PM me.


oh boy, those name tho.


I’m ready for a beta test of your game.


Control furniture? Can you specify that? What kind of control? If you mean making them move or something of that nature then that’s just telekinesis albeit limited


Despite the depressing prospects of such a superpower, one must stop and asks “What qualifies as ‘furniture’?” That’s when the real fun begins!!!


I do like the idea of playing as someone with such a mundane superpower next to people with far more practical abilities.


Well, @baka00 makes a good point, and it’s definitely not just telekinesis. Telekinesis would imply that you have complete control over the actions of the furniture.

I would move so many coffee tables in front of people. Stub those little toes. ,:slightly_smiling_face:


What?! They must be silenced at once! Those are things man was not meant to know!


Rest assured that WiFi is appropriately disturbed at their current knowledge. And they know how to keep silent. :zipper_mouth_face:


Man, i’m really a sucker for hero themed cog. You already got my heart at furniture-controlling mc. It’s really interesting to see how the story will develop around the mc with that kind of power. All the NPCs sounds lovely with their own personalities. (Question : is all the npcs is romanceable or not?). Note to myself for when the demo is out : check the library and use incognitos when browsing internet.


Incognito mode won’t hide you. And there’s the tentacled librarian to deal with. :upside_down_face:

No, not all NPCs are romanceable. There are ace characters, characters already in a relationship, genderlocked romances and others.


Interesting, but I wonder how you’ll differentiate it from the millions of other superschool game–


Really though, this sounds like a refreshing and hilarious change from the broody nature of all the other superhero games that have been coming [cough] and that I am guilty of trying to add to [cough], so I’ll definitely be following this!



This seems interesting can’t wait for demo

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Is furniture strictly couches, tables, stools, chairs, and such? Could misc. stuff you use to decorate the interior of a house, like paintings and fake potted plants, qualify? Oh, beanbags!!! They count as furniture. Also, hammocks, most types of beds, just the mattress, desks, and those cabinet-like things you put TVs on or books into or DVD players and consoles into (you know, those things with the large spaces or slots).


AND WEAPONS USED FOR DECORATIVE PURPOSES, like a sword hanging over the fireplace. KATANA REPRESENT!!!


…oooh, I thought we could alter the furniture not only send it flying.

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Hey! I messed up in my wordings in the first post, specifically this part:

So, um, if you’re interested in beta testing, please say that you want to beta test and I’ll get back to you. I’m having trouble distinguishing who to contact. Sorry :sweat_smile:

Of course, if you just want to speculate, that’s fine too. We will enjoy subverting your expectations. :smiling_imp:


I love it already. I always said “if people got superpowers they’d be really disappointed to discover that most likely they’d get a power that seems lame and they’d have to work with it anyways.” And this would literally let me live that xD.


What kind of feedback do you want from beta testers?

I’d definitely be interested in beta testing, but I must admit that most of my feedback would be regarding syntax since I’m not very well-versed in ChoiceScript. :sweat_smile: