Help with Making a Schedule for Writing


Hi, I’m sarad321 and while I haven’t been on this forum so long, I’ve enjoyed choice of games for a long time. Which has made me want to make my own game. The only problem is, I’m trying to juggle school and writing, and I have trouble building an actual schedule. I tend to go with the flow, writing one very long bit then eventually abandoning the idea.

Anyone have any tips to help me stick with an idea and continue with it?

  1. Write every single day. It doesn’t matter how much, just make a habit of sitting down and writing a bit each and every single day.
  2. Try to stick to one project. Switching between projects too often tends to end up with none of them ever getting finished.
  3. Once you’ve got some content written and coded share your work in progress on the forum. Some outside support can help as a motivating factor.


Thanks! This is super helpful!

  • Try documenting what your average daily schedule is like (as in, physically writing down your daily activities for reference), and any free time you are able to spare can be used to write and code your game.

  • Do you know anyone that’s literature or tech-saavy? What if you present your project to them and see if they’re interested in helping you edit/code/plan out your game with you or whenever school demands your attention?


Oh this is super helpful. I do have some friends who are very good writers who might be able to help me with keeping it focused.


When you have your schedule and sit down for a session, turn off the internet. Seriously. Get a bloody electronic thesaurus or something.

I am about to do this now (80% surfing the web and 20% looking distractedly at your story is not a good balance)