Help with ifs and selectable_ifs

I’ve read posts and the Wiki and the COG hints and I still struggle with ifs and selectable_ifs. I’m really trying to get Chapter 3 drafted this weekend and I’m getting to the point in my story where I have to account for past actions when considering future actions.

At the moment I’m struggling with inserting a selectable_if. Here is my code and the error message I get

What sort of uniform did you pick?
	#a sleek and traditional spandex bodysuit 
		*set uniform "spandex uniform"
		*goto mask
	#head to toe leather to intimidate villains
		*set uniform "leather uniform"
		*goto mask
	#a machine washable sweatsuit with $!{hname} on the chest
		*set uniform "sweatsuit"
		*goto mask
	*selectable_if (defense !="Kevlar Jacket")#a revealing outfit covering just enough to avoid arrest. 
		*set uniform "revealing outfit"
		*goto mask
	#a martial arts robe
		*set uniform "robe"
		*goto mask
	#a hoodie and jeans, since a traditional uniform seems unnecessary. 
		*set uniform "street clothes"
		*goto mask

line 642: Couldn’t parse the line after *selectable_if: (defense !=“Kevlar Jacket”)#a revealing outfit covering just enough to avoid arrest.

Can anyone please help explain this?

There needs to be a space between “)” and “#”. That’s it.

Thank you very much, DSeg.