Help making a custom variable show up I guess? Sorry!

Okay so um, I’m working on a new magic game, and I found something that’s just totally stumped me on how to even approach it!

Um so, it’s a magic game, so in the character creator I gave three different options for your area of magic expertise, called your “proficiency” in the stats menu, like, let’s say fire, ice, and earth. And when you pick the option it goes *set proficiency “fire” let’s say, right? That’s good. And in the startup file I put *create proficiency “” and then in stats screen I put text proficiency. So I think it’s all good? But what I’m stumped on is that, okay, at the very end of the character creator I have it so you get a text message that says something along the lines of:

A gifted mage in the art of and then here it’s supposed to say your proficiency, “fire” “ice” or “earth”. But I don’t know how to make it say that? Like how do I get it to say what type you chose? I already know how to make the player’s custom name show up, it’s !{player_name}, but that's just a standard thing I copied and pasted from the tutorial and stuff right? So how do I make it so I can do the same thing for my custom proficiency type? Should I type something like !{proficiency} and hope it works? How do I make custom names of custom variables show up like that?

${proficiency} should work. Only use the exclamation point if you want to capitalize it. If you get an error or it displays wrong, you can show the code, and let us know what the error message is, so we can see if we can figure out what’s not working. But, generally speaking, ${} should display whatever the value is of the variable between the brackets.

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Oh wow hey TSSL! :slight_smile: I just tried it and prayed, and it works fine! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Didn’t know the exclamation capitalized them! Wow, the stuff I keep learning! I love learning. :slight_smile: Thank you! I don’t see any errors or anything going on with it!

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Let’s say fire

*comment this will display as Fire


*comment This will display as FIRE