Help authors write about you accurately (resource sharing)

Um, art? Besides mental illnesses ofc, even though I won’t dare to consider myself a prof. Artist (im only drawing for 5 years now) I can still share something about it, though I’m not sure if somebody needs something about art in writing🤔

Well, I’m a straight white male. Pretty generic, right? But I haven’t seen anyone else on this thread state that yet, so if you’re interested in the portrayal of that, I’m happy to answer questions. I also have prior combat and firearms training if you’re wanting depictions of that, as well as knowledge about law and the legal processes of the US.


I’m a straight Latino male with autism I’d be more than happy to help out with misconceptions about people on the Spectrum


I bring male perspective, rather “dated” one too, with some sentiment for traditional gender roles (no, none of that stay in the kitchen nonsense), and certain group priviledges (emphasis on family protection).
As for more concrete stuff, I’m rocking some degrees in pedagogy, familiar with different schools of it and bonus content - some polish pedagogy school angle.

I may not have a lot of time, since most of it nowadays I’m spending dealing with debts and city’s laws governing social apartments for the poorest, but I always do my best to help out where I can :wink:

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If I may ask as politely and honestly as possible, how does this help one write perspectives? I have a penchant for dunking my hands into hay-drainage barrels, living on five hours of sleep, and making jokes about gender. Should this be counted alongside my other experiences such as disability and gender?

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It’s not up to me to decide. I can give an input in this direction, help screen a character this way more than the others, but ultimately, it’s up to others how they wish - if they wish - to further learn/incorporate bits of my perspective.

Straight white, married male. Have Spinal Muscular Atrophy, have used a wheelchair since age 7, chronic pain, and have limited use of my left hand.

I live in Pennsylvania and was adopted at age 1.

Open to discussing anything.


If anyone needs any help with medicine and science, I’m open to helping!

Here’s a list of topics I’m able to talk in and provide resources for in order of descending confidence (i.e. the topmost topics are my specialty while the bottom ones I still received B’s on or above):

  • Respiratory System and Diseases
    • I’m actually studying to become a respiratory therapist, so bet yer butt I know about the heart and lungs
  • Heart/Circulatory System and Diseases
  • Alzheimer’s
    • I’ve had lots of school projects involving this so I have a pretty good understanding of the disease from a protein level all the way up to how it affects friends and family
  • Immune Response and Disorders
  • Microbiology
  • Genetics/Epigenetics
    • I also have a working knowledge of genetic splicing for all you sci-fi fans
  • Neoplasia/Cancers
    • with an emphasis on the ways the cancers arise
  • Reproductive Systems
    • with an emphasis on female reproduction (ovulation is hecka interesting and you should all learn it) and its associated diseases
  • Anatomy
  • Renal (Kidney) System
    • technically this should be higher up because of how it’s associated with the respiratory system, but really my main understanding revolves around the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone system, anything with nephrons makes my eyes glaze over despite my working understanding
  • Sensory Systems
    • with an emphasis on vision
  • Gastrointestinal System

Basically, if you need someone to explain whether or not something is medically possible, I’m your gal.


This is such a great idea/thread :grinning: , if anyone was interested to ask i have experience with

  1. Borderline personality disorder and coping with it
  2. verbally abusive household
  3. sexual assault survivor and death threats when i first opened up about it :expressionless:
  4. Seizures, at least the feeling afterwards
  5. Emotional detachment and de realization from surroundings
  6. Manic depression
  7. Tiger mom (also falls under verbal abuse)
  8. Anorexia/body dismorphia
  9. Having equal nationalities in scottish/british/cherokee/korean but being discriminated against for being korean bc that is most dominant
  10. Being judged on age w/o prior knowledge of due to being asian

Damn. And here I was proud of my anime knowledge.


Well I certainly don’t have much to offer compared to others :sweat_smile: But here’s what I can offer:

  • Being an Asian in a predominantly… non-Asian community in the south
  • Grandparents were Koreans who lived during war-time, which affected the view of my parents. Also, my parents grew up in the 70s-80s and immigrated to America later on.
  • Being unhappy with my appearance because of the environment I grew up in and the celebrity industry in Korea (similar to body dysmorphia but I don’t wanna call it that because I’ve never been formally diagnosed)
  • Being freaking threatened to get killed by someone’s parents because of some petty drama. I don’t think you’ll really need the details on it but it happens.

I don’t know if any of this will be relevant to anyone at all but just putting it out there :slight_smile:


This topic has pretty much become a list of unsorted facts about people. If you need resources about a particular topic for a game, asking about that particular need would be appropriate.