Hellfyre Games Works (from A Dogs Life author)

This is related to Hosted Games, but not just one.

The author of several WIPs, including A Dogs Life, A Dragons Life, A Cats Life, and others, has a facebook page, youtube channel, and twitch channel for streaming.
And starting today at 4pm, I will be live streaming my work on A Dogs Life! Every week I will pick a time to work on one of my games, starting with ADsL, and possibly having several streams of my work throughout the week.
I’m doing this to not only make myself work on my games more, but since I have issues with writers block quite often anymore, this will give people a chance to help out by giving advice, asking about info relating to the game, and even some help about how to work with ChoiceScript.

Really been wanting to get back to work, but due to an unforeseeable amount of issues with a brand new laptop that is being returned for repairs (& possibly replacement), I have been unable to work. So now, using Google Drive to move files between computers, I will start using a few different laptops borrowed from friends or family, or a cheap one bought for this purpose, to continue my work. Hopefully this will allow me to work more often, or at least a little bit, and have some help from those who are interested in my games.The first stream is 9-23-2020 at 4pm EST.
I will have a camera on and be talking throughout the stream, occasionally asking questions of what people think, what they want to see in the future, and hopefully answering questions from viewers.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/hellfyrewolf
Twitch: twitch.tv/soulwollf
YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCkxdgIuGzJXvSqB7xlkaQLw

Current List of Games:
Life Series (to be published)-

  • A Dogs Life
  • A Cats Life
  • A Dragons Life

Wolf Pack Series -

  • Omega (WIP)
  • Delta (not started)
  • Beta (not started)
  • Alpha (not started)
  • Loner (standalone, but requires play-through of Omega to avoid spoilers, not started)

Other Games -

  • Warriors: A Darkness Within (may be scrapped due to likeness to current arc)
  • High School Lycan

This is actually a pretty cool idea! It’d be fun to see how other author’s go about their work


I agree, this might be interesting to see.


Live now!

on twitch!


Super exciting :+1::grin:

Aww, I liked that Warriors fangame, may I ask, are you planning on completely dropping it due to the simillarities or rewritting it to avoid that? As, honestly, in my humble opinion it being simillar to the current arc isn’t an issue, but I shall not force you to make a game you are not interested in.


I’ve read everything current and it’s uncomfortably similar. I knew it would be slightly similar because at the time of starting I had read part of the first book, but after reading #3, it’s so uncomfortable that I fee like I’m copying at this point. I may rewrite it eventually, or do something similar (like how Falconstar made Warriors Untold Tales but also made Cattails), but for now I think it’s just going to be scrapped. I will probably also remove it off of Dashingdon.com as well.
I know I can’t get in legal trouble with it, since it was never published (or could be I guess), but if I’m going to do a warriors game, I don’t want it sounding like a copy. It has to be original.

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So sometime today I will being a Dogs Life work stream. The first stream for that was on Twitch, but I will be switching it over to YouTube for all work streams.

I will make a post soon before I get to work on my FB page, there won’t be a webcam most likely since my kid is home sick & last time he kept distracting me from the stream. In the meantime, I will be looking for a live-chat app/widget for OBS studio so people can interact & ask questions.


Best of luck, I am very much looking forward to your streams. Hope your kiddo feels better, too!

5pm today on YouTube rtmp://a.rtmp.youtube.com/live2

Come join in and see the new Shelter scene! I’m rewriting it to be shorter in the beginning and not so repetitive like it was before.

Edit: Live now!

So the video was removed due to Pandora playing the background. Sorry, didnt realize that would be considered copyright infringement.

Sorry for anyone that wanted to watch.

Had to delete the video. Will try to stream again tomorrow possibly.

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New stream starting soon, no music this time so people can watch it finally.



Same time?

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