Heart's Choice issue?

Just wanted to jump onto Heart’s Choice for a second and grab Freshman Magic (I originally got it on my phone, want a copy for my CoG account so I can play it wherever). We’ll ignore the fact that I had to google Heart’s Choice just to get to the Heart’s Choice website because I can’t find a single link to it anywhere on the CoG main website, but apparently the Heart’s Choice web store is down?

I just get the Heart’s Choice logo with a blank screen? Every other web page I go to is working fine and I can browse the regular CoG webstore fine. Can anyone confirm for me just so I know it isn’t just a weird issue with my browser.


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It’s not working for me either - best to email support to let them know.


Cool, have now, just wanted to make sure I hadn’t turned off javascript or something on my end that broke it.

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