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With the market, I am referring to market, not Cog as cog is not comparable has no affairs with erotica.
I am talking put in google search Erotica games or erotica gamebooks or erotica visual novels

All market is targeted in a very aggressive manner to a Male hetero target. Very aggressive…
I am not against Male /F per concept.

But what is the M/F content market has pure denigration of Trans people and woman. The titles itself are already pure denigration.
I know Heart is safe. I know it has standards. That’s why I am so happy with it. Finally, a safe place Where lesbians or Trans arent denigrated.

I am sure that if Heart is a success many authors will come and make a respectable M/F everyone could be happy about.

But I understand why there is no M /F Heart has standards an barely no single M/F game share those standards Patience the M/F will come .


I did know that there are two games which include M/F as an option, Jazz Age and the alien game, but thanks for the clarification all the same. And I definitely think that writers doing what they’re comfortable with is essential, we get better stories that way! :grin: So the system you describe is a sensible one.

Right now it’s just the case that we don’t have any games forthcoming that are specifically with female romances (since as you said HC games will focus on smaller numbers of nuanced romances over lots of basic ones, which on reflection is the better choice) whether with a specifically male protagonist or otherwise, which is what I am hoping for in the long term. :slightly_smiling_face:

(More historical or superhero romance games would be awesome, fyi, alongside Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Location specific - all genres which might suit a M/F and M or F/F game nicely. Looking forward to Hearts Choice regardless.)

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While not with male protagonists yet, we do have games with specifically female romances: the two F/F games Mary mentioned in her post.


Yes and that’s great for F/F readers clearly, but I meant female characters with the option to romance them as male. :wink: (Bit curious about the Fantasy Theatre one though!)


I know this will sound like an a*hole comment, but to be honest here given that male gamers dismissed female, gay and nb gamers for such long time it gives me some satisfaction that in HC it’s the hetero males who get kinda dismissed so far. Sorry.


Some might have yes, but it’s not exactly a reason to not include any in the long term. I do see your point of course. :wink:


I hope for more Hearts choice games that are for everyone. I am not unsatisfied with the set-up. I do like m/m games a lot and f/m seems to be my thing too(I am a bit afraid that the f/m turn out as 90% of the stories today do. With the mc being the nice decent, having never been kissed shy blush girl. Normally cog is not full of them, but who knows in this genre^^). Men, women and non-binary people are not so different as they might think. So there are a lot of scenarios, that would fit for everyone. I am hoping for some of them. But of cause it is the authors choice and some scenarios might not fit for everything, it is just hope not critizism.

@Laguz You are right, I meant non-binary, sorry for the mistake


As if trans people aren’t already women and men? As if trans people are some kind of third gender? :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In the long term yes, male players should be included too. But for now I like that they aren’t the priority here.


Gotta say that Dawnfall sounds awesome! Kind of a romantic take on Guardians of the Galaxy in a way. It’s good to see a decent range of titles planned for HC. Now if only we could know the arrival date… :sweat_smile:


That’s a very good way to put it, actually. (I was also leaning on Mass Effect.) Thank you! :smiley:


Ohh Heart’s Choice games are starting to enter beta now? Exciting! I was wondering, what is a typical time difference between the beta phase and release?

The first HC game went into beta in April of this year. This is the fifth HC game we’ve put into beta, the rest are in copyedit, currently. Beta typically takes three to six weeks. We hope to launch Heart’s Choice very soon.


And news on the hockey hearts choice game? I’m very curious about that one for sure

It’s not my project, so I don’t know specifically how far along it is (or where you heard about it?) but it’s not in beta, so it’s not especially close to being finished.

It’s probably from this list from Jason, all of which look really cool!


Editor here! The hockey one (title TBD) is about halfway finished - not close enough to estimate a release date, but far enough along to say that it’s going well!


That’s awesome to hear! Once I saw Jason talking about the various projects this one peaked my interest for sure since you don’t see a lot of sports Choice games. I’m glad to know it’s going well and look forward to seeing more!

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So is the plan to have the HC app launch with about four to five games?