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Nope you wrote that there was only one genderlocked Game Male, by which you meant the Infinity Saga.
I was not referring to earlier posts.

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I’ll just close this topic for a while to let people cool off. I’ll let the @moderators decide when to reopen the thread.

You’re kidding, right? How many warnings do y’all need before we get our acts together.


7 posts were merged into an existing topic: How Acceptable Are Pre-Determined Gender Protagonists?

Folks, there already exists a very very long thread about fixed-gender PCs. (A thread that is, for the record, about to celebrate its fifth anniversary! So, really, this is not a new topic.)

If you want to discuss genderlocked games in general, or specific genderlocked games, or the idea of genderlocking, do it there: Consolidated Gender Lock Discussion Thread

Thank you.


How do I submit bug reports through the app? Or what email should I use?

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This is the email I saw over the app:

support-gps-omnibus(at) heartschoice(dot)com

Sent! Thanks :smiley:

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I have what might be a dumb question. How do you see your achievements on the mobile app?

Currently HC is fixing it according to Mary. :smiley:

Edit: Update is now live on Amazon Appstore. Most likely all other platforms have already update available.


To be entirely honest about the two HCs I’ve read: Jazz Age and Dawnfall. They weren’t the best I’ve ever read, but not the worst either. I’d give 4/5 for Jazz Age and 3/5 for Dawnfall. Dawnfall felt a bit on the rushed side (I pointed out one of the reasons of why it feelt so for me on Dawnfalls thread), while in Jazz Age I found it hard to juggle all the goals. I wasn’t expecting to accomplish all the goals, but I hoped I could do at least two, or was it the point that I can only accomplish one of those in one playthrough (which for me ended up saving Lila’s Place)? That or I just made some poor choices. As for the romances, imo they weren’t that special that these games couldn’t have been listed as regular CoGs, actually I’d say some CoGs/HGs handled romances better.
So I’m sorry, but if I am to put it harshly then so far HC didn’t bring what I expected after all the noise about it.


I just noticed something since I have kind of ignored the library apps since I rather have the games individually, but can’t for HC. Is there no way to leave reviews for individual HC games? Cause if not that seems like a big issue.


It’s omnibus-only, so there aren’t individual apps for each game.

Kinda unfair to say that when you didn’t even try all of the games. All World Pro Wrestling was very romance focused, more so than most Choice games but probably couldn’t have been released under it.

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Given the positive reviews I saw about AWPW I assumed it must be one of the better done games, and was even considering to check it out sometime (considering there is an option to do so for free), idk…
Anyway it might not be fair, but I can only form opinion based on what I’ve seen, right? And since I’m normally only interested in f/f romances of course I tried out those games first which have that in them. Also even if the other two games are way better than the ones I’ve read, 2/4 games actually making romances special under a brand supposedly focusing on that, might not be the best ratio.

Also keep in mind that I was just sharing my opinion (and since I talked about two games it seemed easier to do the reviews here in one go), others might disagree with that and it’s perfectly fine.


Fair enough.

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I’ve noticed the games have ratings on the omnibus app, how can I rate the games?

If I’m not mistaken, those ratings are taken from when you are asked at the end of the game to grade it on a 1 - 10 scale. I think you need to sign in with your email account for your score to be counted. :thinking:

I feel like if the games are gonna stick with the omnibus only release going forward, there needs to atleast be a written review section in-app. Just some way for consumers to be informed about what others think besides externally going to the forum.

On another topic, so far personally the games that I have read a bit of (only the demo of AWPW, but the full version of Jazz Age) while the writing has been good for the most part they both were not what I was expecting for a label more romance focused. Was thinking more of a better paced build up to romance rather then jumping right into it from the start (AWPW) or kind of feeling forced a bit into having to pick someone (Jazz Age, even the characters admit they haven’t known you long before they confess their love for you…also even if you have done everything you could to show your not interested in them which the story doesn’t really seem to want you to do). Definitely think quite a few HG and CoG games did romance way better oddly enough. I had alot of issues with Jazz Age, but I don’t really want to get into it right now and seem so negative.

Still though, I have high hopes for this label. Really really really need that review system in though.