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Alright, thanks a lot :relaxed:

Third heart’s choice game? Please what are the other two? I would have thought that the same way there’s a COG form and HG form, that there’d be a page for Heart’s Choice on the official website

Jazz Age and the wrestling one.


They’ve had beta posts, but haven’t been released yet.


I recommend you read the list of games at works as several are with multiple gender selectable by player.

as a modest aspirant to writer I could tell you that the amount of time required to do a erotica focused game on romance variable is insane. As gender identity and dynamics are key to focus on realistic romance. So for a great detail is logic games focus on that be specialized as a lesbian cis girl normally is not same a cis man bisexual or hetero nor in sex not in dates. etc… etc…

But provably in the list there are one for you asnot all games has to be tailored to absolufe everyone


So the game sound good i always like the pirate theme.
But my question is about this there are 3 Hearts Choice games? Are the other two complete or still being worked on?
This is all new news to me

On works and in beta phase all three

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As Mara says I don’t think it’s a problem having a mixture of games for specific genders and sexualities if those allow for more nuanced content specific to that setup, especially if there continues to be a selection of titles available to a wider audience.

The current issue for me personally is not just that there are no M/F games planned (or at least games with specifically female only ROs for either player genders) but there seems to be an entire mindset against it just because we apparently can’t imagine what that would look like (probably like a F/M game but from the opposite perspective) or that it somehow detracts from the other specific games (which I think to be silly). I don’t wish to see other games downplayed of course and firmly believe writers should stick to content they are comfortable with - I would just like the team to consider a handful of M/F or female ROs with a male player in the future.

Just my two cents anyway. :grin:


They’re going to put out a range of stories eventually, they’re only just getting started now :). Wouldn’t you still be able to play the ones locked to the gender and orientation of your choice if you’re interested in playing stories written by romance genre writers? Might be worth a look before writing off the entire brand. (For the record, I’m really not into romance as a genre usually, but for those who are I’d say it’d be a better experience than a lot of the ones around now where it’s a shallower side quest rather than the main plot.)

Edit: I haven’t looked at the planned HC games and didn’t know they were all female perspective, but I’d imagine that there’d be a lot of F/M romance writers out there so when the brand’s just getting started that’s probably what it’s going to attract by the law of averages until it gets better known. COG have said they plan to have overall inclusivity and I see no reason to doubt that given their game range at the moment.

@Laguz- You won’t find nb locked COGs because they’re all unlocked or unspecified gender. HG’s are a different kettle of fish, but I encourage people to write what they want to see :slight_smile: I suspect the forum would be supportive of something like that.

BTW- not having a go at anyone here. I just wouldn’t get disheartened about it all just yet. I suspect given time there’ll be something to suit most people :slight_smile:


There are no nb/nb games either, and we have far less media than m/f.

In fact, there are no nb-locked games on CoG or HG at all.


True, but that’s not an argument to not include either, more of a effort to consider titles for both in the lines future. I suppose the closest to your preference currently is that 18th century one with F or NB/F.

In my case for M/F I would recommend:

  • Considering stories for het Male readers with a romance focus but which feature themes or genres which would appeal more to a male demographic. (If the writer thinks that a female protagonist can work too without diluting the female Romances so it can be M or F/F then that’s fine.)

  • Using a writer who is comfortable with a male protagonist and/or creating female romances who are each distinctive, interesting and play well to their gender (whilst also being respectful of course). This should effectively be the same way a F/M writer approaches their game from the other perspective.


You have millions upon millions upon millions of M/F games Literally, Is 99.999999999999℅ of the market. So that finally, the rest have a focus somewhere is refreshing…

IfI want for instance buy a erotica visual novel A simple search 99 are Male dominating females and coercing their family members. It seems to be popular games about degrading minors into becoming slur…

I am talking about this with knowledge because I want to write a small vampire erotica myself to improve my English language further in romances. So i check out last month games in the market.


This is still making the false assumptions that because some games with M/F romance exist (mostly off COG as the Infinity and Tournament games are honestly the only significant games that are gender locked and don’t wholly focus on romance at times anyway) there cannot be any more or they’ll prevent games with other preferences happening or they’ll always have to hit the erotica or porn line because we heterosexual males are clearly the only ones who have dirty imaginations… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes:

I appreciate you having issues Mara but I don’t think it would be anything like fair to not have M/F games or at least games with a Male player and all female characters in HC, as long as there’s games for other people too. :wink:

EDIT: I would like to add that no M/F and M or F/F games currently planned doesn’t concern me, as long as those involved within HC take some time to seriously consider including future such games in future waves. :slightly_smiling_face:


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I’m sure that any game in the Hearts Choice line is reviewed by CoG staff and as per the company’s values there won’t be any glorification of abuse. Anyways good luck getting the story you wish. And I mean that in the least sarcastic way, sorry if it sounds that way lol.


I’m not sure who told you that there are no M & F/F and F/F games.

Here are the current HC games under contract:

2 gender variable (like a COG, play as m, f, nb, romance m and f)
3 M/M
2 F/M
2 F/F
2 F/ F & M

We have not received a pitch for a M/F game. We don’t…tell people what to write in our development process. We examine a person’s writing and see if we think the prose is good. Then we ask for concepts. If we like a concept, we request a pitch for it. Once the pitch is workable as a game, we contract for that game.

We might say to potential authors “we’re particularly interested in historical/superpowers/werewolves right now,” but we don’t create and assign pitches. And Heart’s Choice is the same. I appreciate that you want to see M/F games. I imagine you will in the future.


With the market, I am referring to market, not Cog as cog is not comparable has no affairs with erotica.
I am talking put in google search Erotica games or erotica gamebooks or erotica visual novels

All market is targeted in a very aggressive manner to a Male hetero target. Very aggressive…
I am not against Male /F per concept.

But what is the M/F content market has pure denigration of Trans people and woman. The titles itself are already pure denigration.
I know Heart is safe. I know it has standards. That’s why I am so happy with it. Finally, a safe place Where lesbians or Trans arent denigrated.

I am sure that if Heart is a success many authors will come and make a respectable M/F everyone could be happy about.

But I understand why there is no M /F Heart has standards an barely no single M/F game share those standards Patience the M/F will come .


I did know that there are two games which include M/F as an option, Jazz Age and the alien game, but thanks for the clarification all the same. And I definitely think that writers doing what they’re comfortable with is essential, we get better stories that way! :grin: So the system you describe is a sensible one.

Right now it’s just the case that we don’t have any games forthcoming that are specifically with female romances (since as you said HC games will focus on smaller numbers of nuanced romances over lots of basic ones, which on reflection is the better choice) whether with a specifically male protagonist or otherwise, which is what I am hoping for in the long term. :slightly_smiling_face:

(More historical or superhero romance games would be awesome, fyi, alongside Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Location specific - all genres which might suit a M/F and M or F/F game nicely. Looking forward to Hearts Choice regardless.)

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While not with male protagonists yet, we do have games with specifically female romances: the two F/F games Mary mentioned in her post.


Yes and that’s great for F/F readers clearly, but I meant female characters with the option to romance them as male. :wink: (Bit curious about the Fantasy Theatre one though!)