Hair type does not get recorded to second scene for some reason

I’m having trouble with the quick test. It keeps on saying HT = 0 and failing the multireplace, despite it always being set no matter the choice in the setting scene. I have no problems regarding this in the random test, up until seed 527, where the random test keeps on turning white.

The error I’m getting is:…

Sorry wrong pic before

Could it be because I put the *set HT 1

After the text? But I thought this was fine as long as it was before *goto

From the error message, it seems like the error is somewhere else. Can you show us what’s on line 11? My guess is the error is caused by a multireplace where the variable has the value of 0.


It looks like this, yes, I am using multireplace, but all the routes that leads to this path would have set it to HT1-HT6.

Do we have to set it to something other than 0 in the create?

Because, this also occurs with eye color, and hair color, all in the second scene. Oddly enough, I don’t get these errors in random testing :sob:

Thanks for helping!

Ah! I found a way to fix it! Turns out, for some reason I need to use

*if variable = number
*set variable number

Really weird.

Big thanks!

That doesn’t seem like the right solution. Are you sure that that variable is set through all branches when you reach that point? It looks like random test has found a path where it’s not set. The best approach would be to walk through that use case and see if it’s indeed being set. Otherwise, you might end up with other bugs.


Alright TT-TT. I’ll check the randomtest again, it worked fine in random last time I checked though. It just fails the quick test.

Here is a ss of the EC setting

Screenshot 2024-01-25 182553

It’s very difficult to figure out all the paths your code can go afterwards. Can you upload your project in it’s current state to a private dashingdon link so we can have a better understanding about what’s going on?

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Can a public link work??

I uploaded it here, and don’t want to have two versions if possible .

Also thanks again, sorry for the bother :")

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When you *create HT in startup.txt, is it *create HT 0? If so, that can cause problems with multireplace - you could try *create HT 1 or another number instead.

Edit: I see that is what it is in startup - try *create HT 1 and see if that behaves better.

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I went through the branches where you set HT. I didn’t see any point where you forgot to set it. Also, you are creating the variable with the value 2 in the startup, which makes the bug even stranger.

My only other guess would be that there is a branch where you can bypass the hair type selection and go directly to chapter 2. You can see if this is the case by running randomtest and going through the choices it made (you can select this option before running it) and then select the choices manually and see if you can reproduce the issue.


I tried running your project locally and quicktest passes, however, I get another error when running random test (this happens because you forgot to add a description for the last value of HT):
RANDOMTEST FAILED: Error: startup line 1078: invalid @{} at letter 198; ‘HT’ is equal to 5 but there are only 4 options

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AH, I see! That makes sense! Thank you so much!

Haha… This bug is really weird. Thanks for the help! I’ll check it out again in random test.

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