Guenevere (WIP)


@buggygirl11 @Ponku I think Morgana didn’t fully realize that her doppelganger would be self-aware, and she was a little thrown off by it. But she can’t help but see the doppelganger as another version of herself, and she herself has made many sacrifices for the greater good. So, ultimately, under the circumstances, she doesn’t think it’s too much to ask the doppelganger to make the sacrifice of just existing for a few hours.


@jeantown That makes sense. :smile: Sorry if that came off as judgy or annoying or anything. I personally love Morgana (me me, of course-my Guens’ opinions vary), and I was just curious about what she thought.

@Ponku Wow, @jeantown just confirmed that was totally accurate! :smiley: Great job!


@buggygirl11 oh my goodness, not annoying or judgy at all!! It was a great question, one I hadn’t thought about very much. Anything that makes me think more about my characters is welcome. And Morgana is a lot of fun to think about. :smile:


Just wondering have you been watching Bakkaoppai Anime 404?


@jeantown It’s gonna sound weird, but what do you imagine the characters smell like? (besides sweat :wink: )

My friend is a perfume maker and she often ponders what characters smell like, I have also picked up the habit.

I picture Morgana as spiced apple, Not sure about the others though.


I love the scene with Morgana’s doppleganger. It’s one of those moments that just makes this WIP even more of standout, and it’s not even one of the biggest or most attention grabbing scenes in the series :wink: The creation and inevitable death of a sentient being just to serve your own needs is an interesting moral dilemma. More commonly we see it in stories that are futuristic (often dystopian) with things like trying to create actual artificial intelligence in the form of robots meant to protect and serve humans. There’s a whole mess of moral complications there; people who think that it’s fine to destroy or kill any of the robots even if they have emotions and original thought because humans created them, they would not exist without us in the first place, etc. And the argument against that saying that just because we created them doesn’t mean we have the right to end them, like how we create children we are not allowed to just kill them if we want a newer model :stuck_out_tongue: Or do we have the right to create a being that knows fear and pain and loss and that it’s existence is finite which is terrifying and force it’s short existence to be one of fear etc etc etc :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: these are some argument that can be extended to the dopplegangers, (and a lot of other moral questions about creating AI/sentient beings that I won’t clog up the thread with :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ) and I like that we got to touch on them. Will the issue of the dopplegangers come up again later?

Also that kind of moral dilemma reminds me of the games Choice of Robots (obviously), Creatures Such as We, which is an amazing free game that’s all about considering various moral issues like that, and the WIP Sovereign Reality where you are transported into a videogame world that is crazily realistic only to find out that the “NPCs” are actually fully sentient beings with their own hopes and dreams and fears, and you’re expected to have to kill a lot of them in order to obtain a cash prize in the real world
I just love reading about moral dilemmas, and the games that bring these kinds of questions up add a lot more depth to their stories :blush:


Nope, never heard of it. Why? O_o


Lance dopplegangers would be amazing! and Arthur Dopple gangers would be slightly cute😏


So considering the traditional end of the legend of King Arthur, is it safe to say that this telling will have a happier ending?


@CrossOver jeantown said there will be multiple endings depending on how you play and the choices you make. Some will be like a lot of traditional endings, some will be happier, others even more depressing, etc.


Watch it on youtube and then refer back to your comment and you will know :smiley:


I confess I had not thought about that at all! I personally don’t like strong smells (except maybe for flower smells like roses and lilies, or baking smells), so I don’t think about it much. Might be nice to include somewhere, though. I’m open to suggestions!

…and before anyone jumps in and tries to tell me that they all stink because nobody bathed in Ye Oldene Times, 1) That’s not actually true, and 2) This is fantasy, and I as the creator of this fantasy world officially declare that the people in it bathe regularly. :stuck_out_tongue: Also 3) “Ye” is just an alternate spelling of “the.”

@alliebee Thank you for all of your thoughts! I’m glad that little scene turned out to be so meaningful. I’ve always been interested in the ethics surrounding AIs; I read my share of Asimov as a kid. I really liked Creatures Such as We, and I’m holding Choice of Robots in reserve for when I need a good distraction, because everything I’ve heard about it makes me think I’ll love it. Anyway, I don’t have any particular plans to bring in doppelgangers in future installments, but I still have a lot of plot to flesh out, so who knows? :smile:

@Illmaster Hmm, I suspect I might get some elaborate requests for certain… scenes… if I were to open that door. :smile: (maybe somebody could write a fanfic???)

@CrossOver It is as @thesunfloweramazon says. If you’d like to know a little more, you could take a look at section 5 of the FAQ.


Don’t just save Choice of Robots for a distraction. I was quite emotionally invested in it (not anywhere near to the levels of Creatures Such as We [I had trouble believing that one even ENDED, I have not touched it again because i dislike destroying memories like that. I loved the character I spent time with in that game a loooottttt.]) so you may want to save it for when you can think and reflect on it properly, and not just as a distraction. Its a very engaging game (story-wise) and does require some thought (Kinda sorta).

Synposis of my ramble: Don’t just save it as a distraction (until you’ve played it several times. But then basically all these games eventually become like that after replaying them several times). Save it until you can actually devote some time for it.


@Fallaner Oh, when I say “distraction,” what I mean is “something that will engage my brain and emotions so thoroughly that I’ll be able to forget all work/life/health stress.” I’ll definitely give it the attention it deserves. :slight_smile:


Lol I wasn’t even thinking about certain… scenes… I was thinking more of meeting lancelots different personalities. Like who he was before he meet guen when he was a womanizer or the person he was when guen didn’t interact with him as much


@alliebee @jeantown I liked Creatures Such as We quite a lot too (and played it only once, because like @Fallaner my first playthrough i somehow managed the happy ending and i’m afraid of having any other playthrough and destroy it :slight_smile: ).
I think that Choice of Robots is not that deep, but still quite long and enjoyable. Although i played it only once so far too, so i may have yet insufficient data for a meaningfull answer is it really worse or not :slight_smile:

As for doppelgangers in certain scnenes… that would certainly be … interesting to say the least :blush: But i think the person doppelganged (is it a word??) / copied would find that situation rather weird. Well, maybe not Lance, he does seems a tiny bit narcistic :slight_smile:


@jeantown i was daydreaming about guen on my biology class and i asked myself if guen and lance dont tell arthur about their romance will he be able to found out by himself?? or get jealous about it?? i dont know if you ever answered that if you did sorry


Lance doppleganger: oh your such a dazzling attractive man,
Original Lance:“why thank you lance”.


Mine felt a lot more bitter-sweet, but im just fine with that. It made me smile somewhat even after all the crap that came before (not in the story-telling but I mean all the crap that happened to my character, the story telling was awesome. My character just had a lot of very bad situations at the end that made me… well I cried during Creatures such as We. I know, thats a shock!)

@bellamyb Is It just me or did I expect your daydream to have something to do about Guen and Biology once you mentioned “biology class”?


@jeantown @wolfsra I still like to picture the story taking place in a Shogun Era version of Camelot, so everyone smells like incense and cherry blossoms. More specifically, though…

Arthur: Fresh-baked cookies, because he’s so sweet :heart:
Lance: Um, something manly? Oak?
Morgana: I agree, spiced apples seems fitting. :apple: Or maybe pine trees and herbs.

Maybe we could have a chance to pick what Guen smells like.