Gosub_scene help


I have a page with class descriptions (part of a tutorial to help new players pick which class they want). I have created a ‘descriptions’ scene and will fit all of the different class description in that one text file.

I figured I can go about it a couple of ways. First would be to *goto_scene descriptions - which did work, but so far I only have the one description of one class. I have a variable set knightcounter = false at the top of startup. When they click to view the description of the Knight class, it sets knightcounter = true and then does *goto_scene descriptions. At the top of descriptions I have an if statement of:

*if knightcounter = true
*goto knightdescription (which is the label)

It functions right and at the end of the description, I set knightcounter to false again so they can return to the thing later if they want.

But, when they go back it takes them to the top of startup. I set an if statement in startup (yet another variable) to send them back to the appropriate class selection label.

I figured that’s too many variables for one-time uses and makes the code look like a mess. So, in the intro it said I can use *gosub_scene scene label to have it go to a specific label in another scene and then use *return to go back to the originating label.

But, it’s not working at all. When I get to the part where it’s supposed to take them to the descriptions scene to view the Knight’s information, I get this error:

"non-existent command ‘gosub_scene’ "

What gives? Cause now it won’t even load up the Knights page.


Seperate question. I’m using the online IDE, which is absolutely fantastic. I got there from a link submitted by someone else. I can download the compiled file as html, but it doesn’t allow me to download the separate scenes.

I’m afraid to close off of the website out of fear it will lose all the information.

  1. Where is my work being saved when I use the IDE?
  2. Is there an offline version of that IDE that I can use that will simply save the scenes and such in the appropriate folder.
  3. If I close off the site, will my stuff be there when I come back?


Woah, ouch - my bad, I haven’t updated the online IDE with the latest version of Choicescript (so the command doesn’t exist). I’ll do that now, should be up in 10mins ~

So sorry! D:

1). The current online version saves to your browser’s localstorage (so don’t run any desktop cleaners or delete your cookies etc).

2). The offline version is in testing right now, that’s why I’ve (inadvertently) been neglecting the online one.

3). If you click save and you’re not using private/inPrivate/incognito browsing, yes.

EDIT: Ok, it’s been updated now - refresh (save first) and the command should work just fine :slight_smile:
Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I’m really sorry for the inconvenience!

As an aside, if you want to download separate scenes, your best bet is to just copy and paste them into notepad or notepad++ files (at the moment). Once the offline version is done, the online version will be getting a better save system.


Awesome. I haven’t checked it yet, but thank you so much. I was wondering why the _scene part was not showing up blue. lol.

You’re the one that made the IDE?


Yup, haha - that should be blue now too. ^^
I am yes, glad to hear you’re finding it useful! :slight_smile:


OMG. It did NOT save.

I just lost 3 or 4 hours of work. wow. That really sucks bad.

So, I guess I’m just going to use the regular version since I can’t save it. And yes, I did save it. I hit ‘save’ every time I switched between scenes.

Wow, this really sucks. *sigh


@CJW - the thing is awesome, really it is so major kudos to you.

Unfortunately, I’ll not be using it again until you have some form of executable version because I just lost all that work and don’t want to lose it again!


Lesson learned. I should’ve just copy/pasted everything into a text file and saved it. So, to all of you that use the IDE online, do that! lol


Understandable, and I’m really sorry that happened:
It should be fine as long as you’re using a modern browser (not old versions of IE) and you’re not browsing using a private session and/or have the browser set up to clear history/cookies on exit.

However I do understand (and am working hard to address) that the save system needs work, the working plan is to actually ultimately integrate it with Dropbox accounts.

If you’re running a Windows Operating System and want to give the executable version a try, let me know and I can include you in the testing - there will likely still be bugs and missing features (but also some new ones too!), but I’m updating it almost daily and the save system is all done, dusted and stable enough. It’s up to you :slight_smile:


Oh absolutely I’m down for that. I’ll alpha/beta test for you and I’m computer literate enough to give you proper feedback. And, I talk so much I’ll not miss a detail. ha!

So, just let me know what I need to do to be a part of that and I’m down.


I’m not really a coder or anything but i can tell you typos and such and spelling and maybe some grammar issues