Gosub error help


Ok this one has me a little stomped.

Invalid return; we’ve returned from the last gosub

This makes no sense. I have tracked it and could find no missing return. So I figured the error was being caused by the last bit of code before going to the next scene. So I tested with the following.

 #I have completed my stats
  First test here
  *gosub test
  Third test here

*label test
Second test here

It worked as it should
First test her
Second test here
Third test here

When it finish and I click next which takes it to family.txt. I repeated the same test using differant label and I still get the error. So if my gosub works fine on one page but fails to work on another I am at a loss. I even printed all the code out, 49 pages, and spent many hours combing through the code to make sure I did not miss a return. Any ideas.

I am not using global mod.


Never mind lol being looking at the code for to long and the answer was right in front of me. I forgot to place a goto at the very end and the computer would drop down and see another return. Once I added the goto problem solved.