Gifting copies of our games?

As we all know getting feedback on our projects is extremely important to an author as it improves our writing and enhances our stories.

While some people give short feedback, others give little feedback or just say how much they like the game.

There are some people who go above and beyond to give detailed feedback and suggestions that show the amount of time and effort they have put into reading through your story.

People like

@Abe who gave me a lot of feedback in the private beta but also took time to write a timeline for seasons one and season two which helped me correct some glaring timeline issues.

“Luck” (Sorry I don’t know your forum name) who also gave me a lot of feedback on Discord and asking questions about the world not to mention played through the game many times just to try and find the best path and wrote a short guide to getting high rep which helped fix a bug in season one that I never knew existed.


Who has provided me with (as on today) 339 photos and issues and suggestions often with multiple fixes per photo. Which is a mind boggling feat especially considering they have replayed through it lots of times as well. I can only apologise for some of the glaring mistakes that I have no clue why I have done that (things like your instead of you’re - embarrassing!)

I appreciate all feedback and suggestions but these are above and beyond that and I’d like to do something nice back as a thank you.

Which brings me to the topic, is it possible to gift copies of a released game to someone?


It’s easy if you both have a Steam account.