Getting stuck in a stat screen?

I’m currently in the process of testing the Unnatural update. A few testers has said that they got stuck in the stat screen (clicking return to game sends them to the initial stat screen instead of back into the game) does anyone know of any causes for this? At first I couldn’t replicate it and then i hit the error myself then it went and was fine and now its playing up again.

The most common cause of that problem is updating the files while people are playing. If you upload a new version of a chapter while people are playing it then exiting the stat screen will return people to the beginning of the chapter instead of returning them to where they left off.

Even if the updated text file is only a few words different :frowning:

Thanks for replying but they get stuck in the stat screen and can’t return to the game at all.

Ohh sorry. I misunderstood the original problem. It’s a bit tricky without being able to see your code. I have wracked my brains, and can only come up with one possible reason at the moment. If you have a conditional stat with a cyclical error it would lock up like that when the condition was met. For example…

*label relationships
*if (((met_bob = true) and (couple_bob = true)) and (dead_bob = false))
		percent bob_faction [b]My Boyfriend Bob[/b]
*if (dead_bob = true)
		percent bob_faction [b]RIP Bob[/b]
*if (bob_faction < 25) and (dead_bob = false)
		percent bob_faction [b]My enemy Bob[/b]
*if ((((met_bob = true) and (dead_bob = false)) and (couple_bob = false)) and (bob_faction > 24))
		percent bob_faction [b]Bob[/b]

If I were to add *goto relationships to any of the indented lines then the code work appear to work fine, but as soon as the condition was met the stat chart would freeze just like you are describing. I can’ t tell you if that’s actually what you did. Hope this helps though. :slight_smile:

Are you using gosub_scene anywhere in the stat screen, and are you using the latest version of CS? I had that problem before, where it saved the stat screen as the latest in-game location.

I should have the latest but I’ll double check later. But yeah I’ve got a couple of gosub_scene commands. I’ll try removing them. Thanks.

You don’t have to remove them as long as you’ve got the latest version, they work fine now. But that’s the one thing I can think of. Anything where you entered another scene from the statscreen could potentially save over the in-game checkpoint in the older versions.