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One of my most into-character characters was from Hero or Villain: Genesis: Psycho Soldier. (Original character, do not steal :stuck_out_tongue: ) She’s a psychic, but she prefers to fight villains hand-to-hand where she can and usually reserves her telekinesis for trick plays. She’s also highly intelligent and technologically-oriented; when she encountered aliens, she reverse-engineered their tech like a pro. However, while she’s good with guns, she’d rather not use them; not her style. She did pick up a sword and an armored breastplate on an alien planet, though.

Personally, she’s kind of a rogue hero; a “vigilante” in HoV terminology. While she had a job as an engineer and a damn good one, she didn’t see the point in keeping it when she could make better money fighting crime on behalf ot the cops (she doesn’t see anything wrong with this; she’s fighting supervillains, she deserves to get paid) and collecting “taxes” from criminals in exchange for not turning them in (okay, maybe she’s the asshole here? Nahhhh…). She’s cocky, violent, impulsive, but kind-hearted under it all and really is fighting to protect people. She doesn’t kill if she can avoid it, either (and she usually can).

When abducted by aliens, she had no loyalty to her abductor, and intentionally took a dive in one fight to enrich herself and give herself better gambling odds later. When she learned that Earth was going to be the winner’s property, she immediately set herself to challenge the Lanista to protect her world, though she got interrupted after the end of the tournament. She also romanced an alien ghost warrior, who gave her her scimitar.


I have a lot of MCs to the point that it’s actually embarrassing, but I do have a few that I’m emotionally attached to and have eventually turned into fully fleshed out characters in my own work lol

So, just to name a couple. My first Breach: TAJ MC, Lysandra. I didn’t really mean it at the time, but she ended up being this friendly, charming vigilante who tries to avoid violence if it can be helped. I think in TAJ she just kinda blindly trusted the trio despite her own curiosity, but going into CWZ she’s a little more doubtful. She still wants to trust them, but she kinda realizes there’s more than meets the eye regarding everything and it just makes her wonder if it’s worth all the near-death experiences she has on a daily basis and whether she should’ve trusted them at all in the first place.

My keeperverse MC, Amara Poulain. Amara started out as this sunny, optimistic character in kotsam, but then as things started going down I think she kinda lost a bit of that. She tries, though. No matter how crappy things get she tries to be optimistic, even though she’s on the brink of a breakdown. Still, she won’t run away. It’s too late to run away, and even if she does, where will she even go to? She can’t leave everyone she knows and loves, that would be selfish of her. So she stays, just for the sake of everyone else.

Ah I’m trying to remember things about these two but nothing is coming back to me… in my defense, it’s been a while since I played those games.


Well the MC is me

And I’m amazing

So all of them are my favorite


I’ll keep it brief for reasons.

Diocletian, my Golden Rose MC is a favorite. Bookish spear user with a fearful intelligence stat, he’s immensely curious about the hidden world despite being faithful to the Church. He helped orphan children, never killed anyone, and only cares about helping people, being a lover to to the very deadly Alessa, despite his own non lethal tendencies. If there is an opposite of the trope of the hardened killer falling for an innocent, he is that


My mc from the keeper series. Solomon Jones was a smart, kind, and logical guy who’s always thriving for constant and stable life for him and his mom. But everything went astray when he got attacked by a gorgon and met a supernatural and later on girlfriend/love of his life Astrid. Solomon at first was startled by the news of finding out that he’s a supernatural but later on grew to accept because of his suite mates love and support for him. Now that he’s a keeper now and after countless of near death experiences, he was now afraid that the new constant and stable life he found was going to slip again from his palms.


Oh, hi Billy Butcher! :wink:


I managed to avoid getting skelebro’d, in favor of forcibly pulling my broken soul shards back together piece by piece, staring down the big bad guy who punched me into oblivion in the first place, and being all, “YOU WANNA GO FOR ROUND TWO?!”

Actually, BOTH my Deathless protagonists (from both games) wound up being scary badass. My OC from the second Deathless story got assassinated in her sleep, and got so pissed about it that she angry’d herself back to life, chased down the assassin, killed them, hunted down their employer and carved a torture rune into his skull that would kill him outright if he ever tried to have it removed. Then she went on to lend her power to the gods at the expense of her own health and save a dam from collapsing and flooding an innocent town, so I’m not sure where on the good guy/bad guy spectrum she sits, exactly.

So, yeah, if you didn’t know: you can get up to some severe nonsense in the Deathless games.


This is a interesting thread lol and so so many characters while it might take a while I can say on general I do multiple playthroughs of games. Yet more often then not depending on the game I tend to play MCs who want to try to save everyone as much as possible guess would be the stereotypical selfless hero type.
Though despite this I’ve found myself leaning more into rebellious MCs as a starting point in playthroughs of late still wants to save people just doesn’t want to be forced into it or situations lol

Just depends on the game in the end where the characters fall yet I enjoy games that continue to develop them from start to finish and actually acknowledge when something changes them from where they were before in personality and mindset.

One of the reasons I’m looking forward to several wips and Heart of battle that’s to come out later on that’s been mentioned earlier in the thread. I very much looking forward to how that world will react to my main MC for it and how the people she meets will shape her view. Will they draw her away from that desire to burn it all down to something akin to save everyone and shape the world for the better.


ROFLMAOOOO omg so I just finished all three seasons of The Boys this month and yeah, they have a lot of similarities. However Miranda doesn’t hate all supes, just the Dozen and villains who are like clearly unrepentant lethal threats (aka Wyvern).

Alright that’s it I’m playing Choice of the Deathless again.


One that I just thought of is my ace pilot from Mecha Ace (I think that’s what the story’s called? It’s the one that screams GUNDAM at the top of its lungs).

I’ve forgotten her name, but I remember correctly that the captain was dragged into the war very much against her will, and hated every second of the fighting. Oh, to be certain, she definitely fought, she earned that promotion, but she found absolutely no glory in it. This made her wildly unpopular with her lieutenant, who was forever in her ear about taking the fight to the enemy, and forever grinding her teeth when the captain refused and forced everybody to stay on their objectives; it bored the young rookie in command who hoped to see her show off her fancy piloting moves but instead got to watch her mechanically run through the motions of making sure her mech worked properly; and when the enemy ace blitzed through allied forces and challenged her to an honorable duel to see her warrior prowess in action…

She turned and bolted back behind the safety of allied lines.

Cue the enemy ace, stunned and confused, giving chase, shouting insults and negging the captain to try and bait her into the fight (something like, “if there’s a scrap of honor anywhere in you, you’ll turn and face me!”, to which my pilot was all, “nah” and kept going), only to finally break off in disappointment as the captain successfully retreated too far behind allied cover for the enemy ace to risk engaging.

This pattern of the two running into each other, the enemy ace attempting to do battle, and the captain instead booking it the hell out of there (or otherwise maintaining defensive and evasive positions which made a head-to-head confrontation impossible) continued until the captain wound up being taken prisoner and having to work with the enemy ace in order to escape, and eventually learned that the enemy ace had the controls to the doomsday weapon the enemies were building and had every intention of using it against the captain’s allies… unless she faced the enemy ace in combat.

So the captain, with no other option, simply shrugged her shoulders, rammed the barrel of her cannon right in the enemy ace’s chassis, and pulled the trigger.

Turns out, much to the enemy ace’s surprise, the captain wasn’t the spineless coward she first thought - quite the opposite. The captain had racked up an enormous kill count over her career. She simply found killing to be reprehensible, and the enemy ace’s “honorable” duel to be pointless and idiotic, so she refused to bother. But now that her allies were in danger, she was more than happy to kill the enemy ace, who died just as disappointed as she had been when she first started trying to egg the captain on.

The captain took control of the weapon, decided it was too great a risk for anybody to have, and destroyed it. The war continued, but without their big, nasty doomsday device, it became a fair fight - one which, when it was over, the captain hoped to immediately find the nearest bar and drink herself into oblivion in the hopes of forgetting it all.

In other news, I should really play that game again.


Omg your MC is queenie!!! I have a special place in my heart for characters who dislike violence and killing but are REALLY GOOD AT IT. That’s another game I need to replay lmao.

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I love browsing these topics because I am embarrassingly bad at original characters. This is why I only write fanfics, and have (02) cardboard charas I reuse in every rpg. Not enough credit is given to this imaginative talent, or rather, why is my mind so unusually uncreative… It’s like not knowing how to tie shoelaces.

That said, I love innocent and helpless characters, so I appreciate it greatly when interactive fiction allows me to play like that. My “MC that made me truly feel a part of the world” is the child from Blood for Poppies.


In your defense, I didn’t learn how to tie shoelaces until I was twelve, so…


I still can’t. My manual dexterity is way below average (though for some reason my typing speed is something ridiculous - probably just decades of practice) - it’s an autism spectrum thing.


Im a little too late to the party but wanted to give my two cents

My three favorite MC’s in no particular order.

Sabres of Infinity, Street Jam, and The Keeper Series MC

Sabres of Infinity in particular really allows you to develop your MC’s character and traits to such a high level. In my story that MC turned out to be someone who ends up being very ambitious and determined person who strives to uphold his personal honor. But that ends not being such a simple task in the landscape of war in a way his immense skill and talent as a soldier almost ends up being a curse as he becomes constantly force to choose between honor and practicality. After all is it more honorable to look after your subordinates livelihood or lead your subordinates and yourself into a meaningful victory but at the sacrifice of their own lives.

Street Jam MC’s kinda let me create my ideal anime esque character I feel like I would behave how he did If I was Isekaied into an anime world honestly lol. Most of the MC’s life is told in flashbacks or backstory but I can see him just casually rolling from arc to arc and occasionally breaking the 4th wall as something I myself would do.

Then there the keeper MC I really like how the keeper grows during the whole story he starts off as some random kid who unluckily got attacked by a monster and that was the least of his worries but as time progresses he used the almost everyday crisises to grow stronger and by the end of the second book he’s become a full fledged capable leader/combatant who no one can look down on any longer. You seem them overcome not just physical trauma but mental and emotional trauma as well and as help you them grow as you guide them through it and at the end of it you get one badass MC.


My all MC‘s called Yuki so it’s hard to keep them all apart in the books

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I have the Same two MC’s in each book being
1.Link Lance
2.Link Atair
Thats why i am attached to these both characters

I typically follow just a few rules

  1. A bit emotionless
  2. Tsundere x 100
  3. Cares about his closest friends/LI but doesn’t want to show it
  4. Can easily switch between merciful and ruthless
  5. Cant overcome the traumatic past (if there is any in the book)
  6. Intelligence as main stat
  7. Stoic, Stubborn, Sarcastic, Pessimistic,

Personal favourite

  1. Link lance from Wayhaven
  2. Link Atair from A mage reborn
  3. Link lance from The fallen hero

I also just have two MC’s I switch between depending on the story. It’s way easier to just stick with one, and another slightly different version, MC.
Ah but his appearance varies quite abit though.

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I have had several MCs that I’ve really enjoyed playing/steering towards a great/story adventure to the best of my ability, but I think my MCs in the Evertree Saga and Jolly Good-Cakes and ale are on the top of my list.

Out of my many MCs in the Evertree Saga my shaman/druid brownie, is probably my favorite. He’s had many names, but is always a kindhearted and softhearted guy who doesn’t like bloodshed and always tries to do the right thing, although that sometimes means that he ends up in combat or it causing other kinds of problems . He’s also kind of innocent, but not naive, in the sense that he is not used to intrigue, corruption and similar “stuff”., but his good intuition means that he still usually gets a good read of even bad people. He is deeply in love with Leah, who he met at the Evertree Inn and is happy that she found a job that she likes after they moved to Lux, although not so happy that she’s spent a lot of time hanging out with Cal, who he finds highly suspicious He is really excited about getting the opportunity to fulfil his childhood dream of becoming a shaman/druid, but still cares too much to not also still involve himself in the investigation of the murder of Mayor Gubrick

There’s several types of MCs that I’ve really enjoyed bringing to life in Jolly Good-Cakes and ale, but the one who I feel is most special is probably this one: He has had severeal differnt names, but is always highly intelligent and cultured and also quite perceptive but quite arrogant and not a people person at all. He believes that he knows best and is the smartest and is usually not shy about letting other people know this and can be quite rude and brutally honest because of this. On the other hand, he also dislikes drama and usually has a quite cool attitude and appears quite cold to other people. There was a time he thought he should be more of a people person and was drinking a lot in order to become more sociable and (he thought) avoiding conflict and drama, but after this lead to a great scandal and his former servant, Starling, leaving him, he decided to just embrace that part of himself and both cut down on his drinking and not spend energy on appearing more agreeable than he actually is. The exception to that is his aunt, since he’s smart enough to realise that she’s his de facto main source of income and that it’s just not wise to antagonise her. Even though he is arrogant and quite cold emotionally he also has a strong sense of duty and strong principles and when he’s committed himself to something he really follows through and wants to do the best job possible. And he certainly don’t want to deprive other people of his magnificent problem-solving skills and other fine qualities, he freely gives out advice to his friends and aquaintances. He’s recently become the new chairman of the Noble Gases and has already started working on ways to improve that and increasing its renown to the level.he feels it deserves to be at and has to admit to himself that he has become rather fond of that, although it is a work in progress. He doesn’t focus on romance and didn’t meet any one in the first book who met his excacting standards, but it might be that a reunion with Starling could change his currently “single and not looking” status.

There’s also several other kinds of Jolly Good MCs that I’ve enjoyed playing/steering through that COG to the best of my ability. They include both a scoundrel who really loves stealing and is not honorable at all, but still looks out for those he cares about and an innocently charming and cultured MC who manage to win most people over with his style and soothing charm in ways that he himself is often surprised about. For me that has been the best COG/HG when I really want to “get into character” with a MC.


The most memorable MCs I made are the Soldier and currently the Athlete in Zombie Exodus. They’re both evil but in different ways, with the Soldier having sadistic temper that she express in her job and thorough the story with all the brutal ways she destroys people who got in her ways and how ruthless she leads the group. In the end, she and the group reunite with another soldier, where she continues to satisfy her cruel temper in the disguise of upholding military standard. The Athlete on the other hand is an immoral daredevil who’re thoroughly selfish, self-centered, and wants to commit crime because it satisfy his desire for thrill and challenges. Unlike the angry soldier however, he is cheerful and willing to be cordial toward other at least to ensure his survival by getting along with other and to persuade people with the same mindset as him to join him. Haven’t reached any ending for him yet, but I think the raider ending would be fitting for him.

…They’re definitely not the most likeable protagonist out there :sweat_smile:, but that’s what make them more memorable than other MC I made, in my opinion. I guess something about Zombie Exodus make me more willing to make more ruthless MC. That doesn’t mean I can’t play good MCs, though. I think I will play good Minister and Scientist then more neutral Carpenter later.

As for Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, I’m planning to play MCs that are more complex. There will be Infantry Soldier with severe sadistic streak that comes from her conviction and judgement instead of animalistic anger to contrast the Soldier from Zombie Exodus, a Homemaker who find compassion as something amusing and evil as something boring so she decides to protect every kind person she met by any means necessary, and Movie Star who’re quite a serial romantic and thinks that the apocalypse is the chance to become a hero and score more lover until the pet and friends he genuinely care died, in which he will broke down, realize his error and mistakes, and though not truly leaving his pride, he’s willing to be more considerate. It’s not going to be easy playing them and I might choose some OOC option, but I still want to try, because Zombie Exodus story is really interesting for many kind of protagonists. :slightly_smiling_face:

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